Chris Brown posted about Rihanna on Instagram on her birthday and people are furious

Chris Brown posted about Rihanna on Instagram on her birthday and people are furious

Yesterday we celebrated President's Day, and today is another important holiday: Rihanna's birthday. (It's a shame we don't have the day off "work, work, work, work, work, work.") The Bardados-born singer just turned the big 3-0, and her fans have been sending her well wishes on social media.

Everybody loves RiRi, and that includes her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown. It's been nearly a decade since they dated, but it's hard to forget how their relationship ended. In 2009, Chris brutally assaulted Rihanna, and a haunting photo of her bruised face leaked to the Internet. Due to the disturbing image of domestic abuse, and his cocky, unrepentant attitude, a lot of people grew to dislike Chris Brown. In a recent Netflix documentary, he said he's sorry about the incident and wants to move on with his life. Maybe he's turned over a new leaf, but fans don't easily forget, especially when he continues bringing up Rihanna on social media.

Six months ago, Chris commented "?" on one of Rihanna's provocative Instagram photos. Then, earlier this month, he said he wanted to go on a "crazy world tour," with her, Beyonce and Bruno Mars. We all think about our ex-es sometimes - and are guilty of looking at their Facebook photos, clicking too many "likes," while drinking.  But it seems like Chris might have still have "wild thoughts" about Riri.

Today Chris posted a birthday message for Rihanna on Instagram. It looks pretty innocent. He shared a cute baby photo of the pop star, with the caption "HAPPY BIRTHDAY @badgirlriri." But while the couple may have moved on from their troubled past, some furious fans definitely have not, and are "four, five seconds from wildin." One person wrote, "STAY AWAY FROM HER." Another wrote, "KEEP RIHANNA'S NAME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH." And a third wrote "Delete this?? Abusing women and continuing to stalk them long after they've moved on is creepy and sad, not funny or cute."

On the other hand, there were some positive comments. Some people are willing to forgive Chris Brown for his past mistakes - think wishing happy birthday isn't that big a deal.

"I actually love this. They are human, not tryna justify that his actions was ok, but some of you should leave that behind us. Love is a strong type of power. Some overcome obstacles, some don't. You guys do not have to constantly remind him of the pain. I'm more then sure it's on his heart every day. Happy Bday Riri."

"Damn the man can't tell her happy birthday? they've put the past behind them except for the people."

"it’s HIS Instagram account. HIS choice. If you have a problem with his post, unfollow him.. YES HE REALLY POSTED HER! where’s the wrong in a birthday post?"

But hey, don't let the nastiness of Chris Brown and Rihanna's past get you down. Remember, today's a holiday! I hope you all find love in a hopeless place.