Chris Evans being reunited with his dog is the most adorable thing you'll see today

Chris Evans being reunited with his dog is the most adorable thing you'll see today

Being separated from your dog is a difficult exile of tribulation and terror. Sure it's no gulag, but the piece of your life that is missing has a soft nose, a long tongue, and a permanently excited attitude. For the dog owner, business trips and flights out of the country mean several long days and nights without the canine that needs you like a whale's spout needs the surface of the sea, like a salaryman needs sunlight, like a beast of burden needs pasture.

That separation is even harder for the dog to endure than its owner. For the dog, there is no pleasure in life from work, marriage, achievement or leisure. There is only the food bowl, the great outdoors, the nap spot, and the loving hands of their one and only friend.

When a dog is deprived of touch, it becomes like a child deprived of touch - a shell of its former self. The rush of a dog meeting its owner at the door is like the sensation of the spirit returning to a husk. And so Chris Evans, star of the Captain America franchise, felt this rush and the return of flesh-and-blood life as palpably as anyone could, when he returned to Dodger, easily the most loyal being in his life.

The 'toothless mauling' is the ultimate sign of affection a dog can give. Surely, when they grow up with their own kind, that gum-laden slobber and tackle is their chosen mode of expressing love. Red in the face, Chris Evans can go nothing but lay on the floor and accept it, letting his dog take total control of their relationship. After all, he left the house for ten days. His dog deserves this, and much more.

The reunion was much anticipated from both sides. Back in July, Evans had Tweeted this, in a moment of ennui thousands of miles from home.

Evans had adopted Dodger back in April, spending only a few short months with him before leaving for his international life of film shoots and interviews. Their bond, clearly, had grown insoluble in that space of time, like a thread woven with so many others of its kind, to the point where it is not severable.

How often are human relationships like this? Not often. With the gift of speech comes the common tongue of uncertainty. Dogs cannot relate existential dread, nor fears nor chaos. They simply are, and that makes them easier to love. All you have to put up with is a little excess energy and perhaps some spotty bathroom training. A small price to pay for a lifelong two-way relationship that never sours.

Evans was counting down the days before this moment:

Surely, the domestication of dogs was a major move in the upward growth of our species into the thin bamboo shoots of history we occupy now, in the later phases of an arc or a straight line.

As long as our dogs remain with us, we will not have lost our humanity. No matter what technological changes occur, no matter what in our lifetimes we become, so long as we maintain bonds with these strange and unique animals, we will have beating hearts that answer to an essential empathy.

Let's hope next time Chris Evans buys a portable doghouse for his private plane.