Chris Pratt does the most hilarious impression of an English accent

Chris Pratt does the most hilarious impression of an English accent

Chris Pratt's career has gone from strength to strength in the last couple of years. The Minnesota-born actor had appeared in small roles on television before being catapulted to fame and critical acclaim in the award-winning Parks and Recreation - the NBC sitcom which ran from 2009 to 2015.

During his stint on the show, Pratt was nominated for a Critics Choice Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy. He then went on to achieve leading man status on the big screen as the star of smash hits like Jurassic World, and the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

His box office success has landed him on influential lists of top-earning actors and notable celebrities, including Time's 100 Most Influential People in 2015.

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Unfortunately, though Pratt's career continues to skyrocket, he recently revealed some sad news about his personal life. Pratt and his wife of eight years - fellow Hollywood star Anna Faris - have decided to part ways. The couple met on the set of the 2007 film Take Me Home Tonight and were married two years later.

Together, they have a son named Jack who was born in 2012. However, Pratt and Faris' separation appears to be amicable, as he had nothing but kind words to say about her when asked about her appearance at the recent Emmy Awards. Faris was presenting an award on the night, and Pratt was not present.

When asked about her, he commented kindly about her time on stage with her co-star Alison Janney. Janney and Faris are set to star in the upcoming comedy Mom.

I know she did great, Anna did an amazing job. She rules. Her and Allison, they both looked great.”

Actress Eva Longoria, who co-stars with Faris in another film Overboard, has also said the actress is "doing great" in the aftermath of the split. Separations are never easy, but Faris and Pratt appear to be handling this difficult period as well as they possibly can.

However, in honour of happier times, here's a throwback to Pratt being absolutely hilarious while promoting the first Guardians of the Galaxy film in the UK.

Who knew big Hollywood stars can be just as obsessed about reality TV as we are? Chris Pratt shared his mild obsession with popular British reality show The Only Way Is Essex - fondly known as TOWIE - during an appearance on the Graham Norton Show.

He explained that he and Faris both enjoy the reality show genre and "fell in love" with TOWIE when she came to visit him while he was filming the blockbuster in London. According to Pratt, he's a "parrot" when it comes to accents, and likes to practice when he hears new dialects. Naturally, he started learning the accent, and the result is hilarious.

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Who doesn't love a guy with a great sense of humour? I have to say Pratt definitely nailed the accent here. The world of dialects is definitely his oyster. Maybe the Kardashians' signature Valley Girl drawl could be next on his agenda?

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