Chrissy Teigen blasts her husband John Legend in hilarious Twitter rant

Chrissy Teigen blasts her husband John Legend in hilarious Twitter rant

While it may be the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner that receive the most likes on Instagram and the most attention from the internet overall, no one comes close to being as beloved as model Chrissy Teigen. Time and time again, she has shown herself to be the reigning queen of Twitter, going viral throughout the week with the unbeatable combination of glamour and relatability.

She has tackled various issues before, from inspiring women to embrace their grey hairs to trolling Ivanka Trump, and offering to pay the fine for McKayla Maroney's truth-telling about her sexual assault. But above all of this, the parts of her life that her fans love to read about the most is her relationship with musician John Legend.

Legend and Teigen married in September 2013 and they have had one child together, Luna, in 2016, with another baby on the way. However, what people really enjoy about the way Teigen and Legend interact online is the amount of (harmless) mockery involved. Even when Legend put out a heartfelt birthday message to his wife on Instagram she still found a way to poke fun at it.

"Happy birthday to my wonderful wife @chrissyteigen! I’m so happy you were born!" he wrote in the caption. "You bring so much light to my life and to the lives of everyone who knows you. I love you so much! Happy Birthday!!!"

However, speaking to the choice of photo, she replied: "How about a hi-res"

chrissy teigen trolls john legend instagram birthday Credit: Instagram / johnlegend

Even their romantic trips together end up becoming a cause of delight for their fans, like with the time that Teigen live-tweeted their nightmare flight to Tokyo for their New Year's Eve plans. We have all complained plenty about having to go through airport security or deal with screaming babies on planes, but few of us had to put up with an eleven-hour flight having to turn around and return to LA-X four hours into the flight.

This kind of absurd situation is funny enough, but not exactly relatable to most couples out there who aren't leaving the country for their end of year celebrations. One thing plenty of roommates, housmates and couples who live together can all relate to, however, is the struggle over phone chargers.

You lose them, people take them or move them, you get confused over which is yours and which isn't - this is the same struggle that the celebrity couple go through, as Teigen pointed out in one Twitter rant. It turns out that while John Legend has a wonderful voice and musical ability, his charger etiquette is pretty terrible.

Of course, her followers (and other celebs) couldn't relate to this more.

Eventually, Teigen came up with a genius solution to save all her charger woes.

Legend hasn't responded yet, but in all likelihood he's been suitably intimidated into leaving the chargers be. Or maybe he'll just end up taking the unicorn one.