Cindy Crawford recreates iconic Pepsi Super Bowl ad 26 years later

Cindy Crawford recreates iconic Pepsi Super Bowl ad 26 years later

At the Super Bowl, America's two best football teams face off in an epic championship game. But nobody really cares about that. It's all about the commercials! Every year, companies compete to see who can create the most memorable, impressive, ridiculously expensive, star-studded ads. Sometimes the commercials are serious, and aim to tug at your heartstrings. Sometimes they're funny, and have a clever concept. And sometimes they're pure nostalgia bait, bringing back a beloved movie, TV show or commercial character from the past. The next day, nobody remembers the score of the game, but everyone remembers which ads were great, and which ones totally sucked.

In 1992, Cindy Crawford starred in one of the most iconic Superbowl ads. In the commercial, the sexy supermodel steps out of her sports car, wearing a skimpy white tank top and Daisy Dukes. As a dreamy pop song plays, she struts up to the soda machine, buys a bottle of Pepsi and chugs it, in slow motion, with the wind lightly blowing her hair. Meanwhile, two little boys ogle her from behind a fence, amazed, with their jaws dropped. Then one of the boys says, "Is that a great new Pepsi can or what?"

The ad was incredibly popular when it came out, making the actress, model and fitness expert even more of a household name. “It was one of those moments in my career that when I walked down the street, people were like, ‘Pepsi!’" said Cindy, in an interview with the Associated Press. "Or I’d be at a bar and people would send me over a Pepsi." I'm sure she probably would rather gotten a glass of wine, but hey, that's still pretty cool.

The classic ad has been referenced a lot over the past few years. To commemorate its 25th anniversary last summer, Cindy made a video for Vogue Magazine, chugging a bottle of Pepsi, with the wind blowing her hair, just like in the commercial. In 2016, Pepsi released a brand new version of the ad, but replaced the famous supermodel and the two little boys with emojiis (ugh). Also, in February 2016, Cindy made a parody of the commercial on Late Night With James Corden. However, in this version, she has trouble with the soda machine, so James struts out to help her, rocking the same outfit, a skimpy white tanktop and Daisy Dukes.

Well, three recreations isn't nearly enough! Pepsi has announced that Cindy Crawford, now 51, has recreated her famous advertisement, and it will air during this year's Super Bowl. The updated version will feature Cindy's son, Presley Walker Gerber, as well as footage from Michael Jackson's iconic Pepsi commercial. It's all part of a new campaign called Pepsi Generations, which clearly was inspired by South Park's Member Berries. "Hey, 'member Cindy Crawford's Pepsi commercial in 1992?" "Yeah, I 'member! 'Member Michael Jackson"?" "Yeah, I 'member Michael Jackson!"

Cindy Crawford and her son Credit: Getty

But hey, Cindy still looks amazing today. (Clearly, she and Paul Rudd have found the fountain of youth.) Maybe the recreation of Pepsi's classic ad will be really clever and entertaining. Or maybe it'll be another cynical grab at nostalgia. Either way, we'll have fun debating whether the commercial was great or it sucked. Anything's better than watching that dumb football game. (Or that Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad.)