Co-star absolutely slams James Corden in savage string of now-deleted tweets

Co-star absolutely slams James Corden in savage string of now-deleted tweets

Since the dawn of social media, our lives have changed dramatically. Texting has been replaced by Facebook messenger, venting about your life in a diary has been replaced by Twitter, and sharing any and all significant moments with your friends/family has been replaced by the Instagram story.

Unfortunately, because we use these platforms so much, we tend to forget how much information they have about us. Every cringeworthy Facebook post you wrote back in 2009, every terrible selfie you put up on your old Insta account, and every poorly-thought-out tweet you fired off after a bad breakup - it's all there - lurking in the depths of the internet, waiting for someone to find them.

But, for James Corden's new co-star, Romesh Ranganathan, those long-lost tweets weren't buried deep enough.

Credit: YouTube/The Late Late Show

Ranganathan had just been chosen by Corden to be the new regular panellist on A League of Their Own, a British sports comedy show, after the previous star - Jack Whitehall - quit the production.

Corden and Ranganathan have appeared onscreen together several times before, with Romesh having actually appeared on ALOTO as a guest in previous episodes. Corden also invited Ranganathan on The Late Late Show in the past, which was obviously a huge deal for the comedian, who had previously only been well-known in the UK.

So, when two of Ranganathan's old tweets surfaced, he was left a little red-faced.

Both tweets were from seven years ago and concerned Corden's performance as the host at the 2011 BRIT Awards. As you can see, they're not exactly the friendliest of posts:

Granted, they're not the most sophisticated of insults, but - given that Corden has just offered Ranganathan a huge promotion - the comedian must be feeling a little bit afraid of coming face-to-face with someone he formerly ridiculed.

"James invited Romesh onto his US chat show and exposed him to millions of potential new fans, and now they're going to have to sit next to each other on League after he s*****d him off," a source said. "It could be really tense."

Ranganathan has not commented on the tweets (which have now been deleted), and it's not clear yet whether or not Corden has been made aware of the messages.

While all this was going on, fans of the show seemed more concerned with what Jack Whitehall was going to do next. "I've decided to move on from A League of Their Own," the 29-year-old said. "I had the most incredible time making this show and made some great friends in doing so. Thanks to everyone involved and all the fans."

He also said that he wasn't quitting to go to the states, and said he had a few UK projects in the pipeline right now: "I'm doing a few things that will be on British TV in the coming months - you haven't got rid of me yet."

With regards to Ranganathan's tweets, it's likely that the pair will brush it off fairly easily - especially considering that both of them have a fairly dry wit when it comes to insult humor. Hopefully, the Carpool Karaoke host will find it in him to forgive his new co-star, and the show will go on as planned.