Comedian addressed longstanding rumors about Louis CK's behavior around women

Comedian addressed longstanding rumors about Louis CK's behavior around women

In October of 2014, stand-up comedian Hannibal Buress made the joke that ultimately led to dozens of women coming forward and accusing Bill Cosby of sexual assault. In a riff about Cosby's condescending demeanor, Buress mentioned: "Yeah, but you rape women, Bill Cosby, so that takes you down a couple notches."

That was the trigger, but Buress has dismissed his role in the whole affair. When asked about it, he says it was a stand-up spitball that people ran with. In fact, accusations of Bill Cosby's sexual predation had existed for decades prior. The problem is that no one was listening until the Buress incident.

In a Presidential campaign fraught with accusations of sexual assault, from Mr. 42, Bill Clinton, and now 45, Donald Trump, it's a curious thing to watch exactly when and how longstanding rumors become solidified into public consensus.

Now, it seems Louis CK is the next wealthy, successful man to have a history of alleged sexual misconduct put on his name.

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Tig Notaro is a comedian working on a series for Amazon, titled One Mississippi. She was once aided in her come-up by Louis CK, who considered her performance following a real-life diagnosis of cancer as one of the most legendary stand-up performances of the past 25 years. Now, Louis CK's name is listed as an executive producer on her show, and she's not pleased about it.

“It’s frustrating, because he has nothing to do with the show...but I don’t waste my time on him or what anyone thinks."

The reason for their falling out?

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She claimed that she had "an incident" with Louis CK prior to the green-lighting of her show. Notaro didn't go into further detail, but Roseanne Barr last year was a lot more blunt with exactly what Louis was doing:

“It’s Louis C.K., locking the door and masturbating in front of women comics and writers. I can’t tell you—I’ve heard so many stories."


Notaro continued to say:

“I think it’s important to take care of that, to handle that, because it’s serious to be assaulted. It’s serious to be harassed. It’s serious, it’s serious, it’s serious.”

What has Louis said about the matter?

“I don’t care about that. That’s nothing to me. That’s not real."

So, once again, here we are, nestled in a familiar place - multiple women are alleging that a man has harassed or abused them, the man denies it, and we sit on the fences.

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It's also been a fascinating week for white male feminist 'allies'. Joss Whedon, the outspoken man behind The Avengers, was tarred and feathered when his ex-wife came forward and called him an abusive cheater and a fake feminist. Apparently, Whedon was talking big about feminism and social justice while cheating on his wife and pressuring young women to sleep with him for their careers.

That's the worst, isn't it? People who condescend to you about politics, accuse you of being problematic, wield the hive mind of internet consensus as law, and then turn out to be sexual predators or serial cheaters?

Well, at least we have Bill Burr, the last untarnished comedic legend on Earth.