Conor McGregor gave a tour of his mansion, and it's sure to make you envious

Conor McGregor gave a tour of his mansion, and it's sure to make you envious

Is there anything that Conor McGregor doesn't have? He's got fame, fortune, oh - and a couple of mansions. When he's not in his permanent residence, McGregor has in a gigantic property in the states which he uses for training.

In a recent video for UFC (the Ultimate Fighting Championship), the MMA champion and world-famous boxer showed a crew around his temporary home in a 'cribs' style tour. Dubbed the 'Mac Mansion', the enormous Las Vegas property boasts some incredible features, including six bedrooms, a pool, an elevator, and a whopping ten bathrooms. Why you'd ever need ten bathrooms, I'm not sure - but hey, when you're as rich as McGregor, why not?

Answering the door in a dressing gown with a cuppa in his hand, the fighter begins the video by introducing himself as "the notorious Conor McGregor," before beckoning the crew inside the house.

The first stop on the tour is the kitchen, which McGregor says is his "favourite part" of the property. It's got beautiful marbled surfaces, a pantry (which McGregor claims he'd never heard of before he moved there), and a fridge stocked with enough meat and eggs to feed a small town.

He then goes on to explain that he has a list of rules for the house, which can be seen in a list on the kitchen table. They are as follows: "Rule one - don't talk about fight club. Rule two - whatever you touch you clean. Rule three - make your bed/sofa/wherever you sleep as soon as you wake up. Rule four - keep on top of your washing." McGregor gives a special mention to rule five, which is "no processed sugars/treats/desserts" - obviously a key part of maintaining his incredibly physique.

Up next is the games room, where McGregor watches fights on his flat-screen TV. I have to say, the couches in this room are a little ugly - but I'm not going to be the one tell him to his face.

Then there's the master bedroom, which is literally bigger than my entire flat. And if that didn't make me envious enough, McGregor then proceeds to the master bathroom, which is so unnecessarily fancy it's unreal. In the centre of the room is a nautilus-shaped shower, and against the wall are "his and hers sinks". Meanwhile I'm over here fighting for space when I brush my teeth at the basin.

"I'm probably just going to train in it," says McGregor. "After the fight [I'll] maybe wreck the place."

Well, after his recent fight with Mayweather, he can certainly afford it. Despite losing the match to his rival, McGregor still earned $30 million - which isn't bad at all, if you ask me.

You can watch the video of McGregor's mansion tour here:

Signing off the video, McGregor says, "You don't have to go home, but you have to get the hell out of here." What a lovely guy.