Conor McGregor's trainer reveals what he is really like behind-the-scenes

Conor McGregor's trainer reveals what he is really like behind-the-scenes

John Kavanagh knows Conor McGregor better than any of us. As the trainer of MMA's biggest star, Kavanagh was interviewed ahead of the release of a major McGregor documentary, Conor McGregor: Notorious. The funniest thing about Kavanagh, as the man who pushes McGregor to greatness, is kind of odd: he's actually lazy!

Kavanagh told interviewers:

"For me, I’m the laziest person you’ll ever meet. There’s no way I could go to a gym and run around on a treadmill or lift weights. I’d rather watch paint dry. With MMA, and I say this for any sport, you’re getting a workout and you don’t realise it. Say it’s tennis. If you really like tennis, you play a match and you’re enjoying the sport, you’re enjoying the game, and at the end of it you realise your t-shirt’s drenched. That’s how I approach MMA. I’ll just try and learn a new technique, or take a class, or wrestle with Conor or whatever, and at the end of it my shirt’s drenched. I’m like woah! It’s like I just ran for half an hour."

McGregor's trainer also professes that he hates running. Like, he really, really hates those jog workouts:

"There is some people that really enjoy running. They can just run for an hour. I don’t understand them, I think it’s kinda weird, but there is people like that. And that’s great. For me, I wasn’t able to do it and I didn’t like running around after a ball, so it kind of limited me, I was left with fighting, so it worked for me."

He also said McGregor "...just doesn’t operate like any other human being I’ve ever seen. You’ll be like, okay, be there Tuesday at 3pm. He’ll show up Friday at 5pm. He just doesn’t operate on the same level of consciousness of any of them I’ve met before, he’s just on a different planet. He’s obsessed about fighting and that’s all he’s ever thinking about."

Apparently, he wakes up late. McGregor sleeps in all morning, and gets into the gym in the evening or night. Sometimes, he won't even show up until 10 or 11 PM!

He also explained why McGregor is such a big spender - it's because being broke is the only way to stay motivated:

"There’s a joke in the boxing community that if you become a champion, it’s hard to motivate yourself to do hard work if you’re wearing silk underwear. There was a joke that Conor used to say, that the plan was he could just blow all his money in between each fight, so that by the time the next fight came around, he’d be broke and he’d have to fight again. But now, it’s actually been difficult, because he can’t blow all his money, there’s too much."

The man is an engine, spending money like a bleeding ATM and sleeping in all morning, probably killing his hangover before he heads to the gym. It's an inspiring story: stay broke, stay hungry, fight hard, and you can achieve great things. Four years ago, McGregor had no salary. Today, he's one of the richest sports figures in the world.