Dad goes viral after not recognizing the pop star he was sat next to on a plane

Dad goes viral after not recognizing the pop star he was sat next to on a plane

Whenever you see a celebrity in a public setting, it can be difficult to know what exactly to do. Some people go over and ask for selfie, no matter what the situation (even if they're eating food with their family and friends).

Other people - like me - tend to stay away from them, letting them go about their day as you would with any other person. However, one of the weirder situations involving celebrity sitings, is when you have literally no idea who they are, but everyone else does.

I've been at nightclubs and bars where reality TV celebrities and YouTubers have been in attendance, and despite everyone else going absolutely mad for them, I've had no idea who they are. Luckily for me, it seems like I'm not the only one who struggles to identify celebs, with one adorable story of a dad not recognising a global superstar going viral on Twitter.

When Deanna Hall, a student at University of South Florida, received a text from her dad which read "who is Nick Jonas?" She more than likely assumed he was just trying to "get down with kids" and brush up on what they were listening to these days. In actual fact, it turned out that Deanna's dad was actually sitting next to the star on a Delta Airlines flight, but he just simply had no idea who he was.

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After receiving the text from her dad, Deanna responded saying:

"A famous singer. I love him. He was part of the Jonas Brothers."

Its fair to say that Deanna didn't expect her dad's response, with him replying:

"He is setting [sic] beside me on the plane."

Unsurprisingly, Deanna completely freaked out at her dad response, and conveyed her excitement in capital letters:

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Deanna's dad did just that, getting not one, but two photographs of Jonas and himself on the plane. Unfortunately, he didn't get an autograph, but the sweetness of the photos more than makes up for it.

Credit: Twitter

Deanna shared her dad's encounter on Twitter, and captioned it:

"When your dad sits next to Nick Jonas on an airplane and has no idea who is [sic] is."

Unsurprisingly the tweet has gone viral, with more than 50,000 retweets and 190,000 likes at the time of writing, with plenty of people finding it both hilarious and adorable.

Weirdly, the tweet also gave birth to a new social media hero, the woman who was sitting behind Deanna's father and Jonas, and looks thoroughly unimpressed with the whole ordeal that is going on in front of her.

It's a great story and a nice reminder that, as much as they can be annoying sometimes, parents can be adorable. It's a good job Deanna captioned the images nicely about Jonas, as when one fan made a joke about his height after having a photo with him, he was less than impressed.