Danielle Bregoli names who she would like to collaborate with next on her music

Danielle Bregoli names who she would like to collaborate with next on her music

If you had been in a deep sleep for the last five years, waking up now would represent something of a cataclysmic shock.

You'd be confronted with the news that Donald Trump had become - inexplicably - the President of the United States of America, that phone battery life is now so poor that many people elect to carry a second battery around with them at all times, and that Danielle Bregoli has become one of the more instantly recognizable faces on the planet.

Attempting to explain the phenomena the pint sized 'cash me ousside' wrecking ball represents is no mean feat; and to do so we must journey back a long way.

Bregoli rose to prominence after an unforgettable appearance on Dr Phil, during which she challenged an astonished audience to 'cash me ousside, how bou dah?'

Since uttering those immortal words, Bregoli's life has changed immeasurably. The teenage upstart has found herself reportedly on the wrong side of the law, releasing her very own music and appearing in music videos for others. In short, she has become a bonafide 21st century celebrity.

It might be easy to sneer at Bregoli's career, though to do some would be inadvisable; last year the charmingly titled 'These Heaux' saw the songstress become the youngest ever female entrant to debut on the Billboard 100.

So with her own burgeoning music career seemingly on the up and up, who does Bregoli see herself collaborating with for future material?

Well, thankfully, TMZ asked her that very same question, and her answer was... ambitious, to say the least;

"You know, I listened to old Kanye, you know, like, old Kanye, but, some of the sh** Kanye has now makes me kinda want a Kanye collab low key I’m not gonna lie, Kanye’s cool, now he is, I think."

This is quite a turnaround from Bregoli who had previously made some pretty disparaging comments about Kanye. She also apparently doubled down on her desire to work with Travis Scott - though comments she has made in the past about Scott's girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, seem to make that particular double act an incredibly unlikely prospect.

Bregoli does appear to be making quite a name for herself as her alter ego 'Bhad Bhabie', though, after her June 14th show at The Roxy in Los Angeles sold out. She was bullish on the achievment, however, telling TMZ "It is what it is, its how life goes for me, I’m used to it."

Though collaborations with some of rap's biggest names might be beyond Bregoli at the moment if we're being brutally honest, she seems to be doing just fine on her own. After all, I'm sat here writing about her, so, in the end, who's really winning?