Drake pays for everyone's groceries at a Miami supermarket

Drake pays for everyone's groceries at a Miami supermarket

As one of the most successful rappers in the game, Drake could spend his money on pretty much anything - another Lamborghini, a yacht, Canada. (I assume by now he's made enough money to buy the entire country of Canada.) But instead, he's on his 'best behavior,' and spent the day giving away more than $175,000 to strangers all over Miami, Florida. Now he's got real people showing him real love - 'straight up to his face!'

Drake's giving spree began at Miami Senior High School, where he presented a $25,000 donation and OVO-designed uniforms for all the students. Now they can look just as fresh as his character did on DeGrassi. One lucky student who was accepted at the University of Miami received an additional present: a $50,000 check toward her tuition. "Drake told me that he has read great things about me and appreciates how hard I've worked through so many trials," she wrote on Instagram. "THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You don't understand what this means to me!" As far as days at school go, that must have been the 'best she ever had.'

After helping out the kids, 'Champagne Papi' surprised shoppers at the Sabor Tropical Supermarket by paying for their groceries. (Thank him later.) Reportedly Drake dropped more than $50,000 at the store, and customers freaked out, posting selfies on social media. "A real king [went] out and paid for everyone's groceries in the store, all the while encouraging people to buy more lol," wrote one of them on Instagram. "BE GOOD AND IT'LL COME RIGHT BACK AROUND!!!" (If you live in the area and are still hoping to get some free groceries, sorry. 'If you're reading this, it's too late.')

And finally, Aubrey Graham's kindness continued with a generous $50,000 donation to the Lotos House Shelter. The organization provides sanctuary, shelter and support to homeless women and children in Miami. Recently they opened a new shelter with 500 beds, and the money will go towards funding it. In addition to the huge check, he gave toys and games away to 140 kids and $150 Target gift cards to 130 women. He 'started from the bottom' and never forgot where he came from.

Drake Charity Credit: Lotos House

A camera crew followed Drake around on his giving spree, capturing everyone's surprised and grateful reactions. The footage will be used in the music video for "God's Plan," a brand new single he dropped last week (and is really good). No word yet on when the music video comes out, but I'm sure it will make 'headlines.' (Okay, that's the last pun on his song titles, I promise.)

In the song "God's Plan," Drake talks about how some people - haters, if you will - wish bad things upon him, and want him to fail. But he keeps succeeding, because God won't let him fail, and it's all part of a greater plan. We all struggle sometimes, and today the '6 God' made a positive impact on many people's lives.

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