Eagle-eyed fans have spotted a bizarre photoshop fail in this Kardashian Calvin Klein ad

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted a bizarre photoshop fail in this Kardashian Calvin Klein ad

If you've ever wondered how the Kardashians got so incredibly famous, then you've only got the masses to blame. The family built their success based on the reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, where it's clear that viewers get very easily invested in observing their luxurious lifestyles and all the drama that surrounds them.

There's no denying that people like looking at and watching the family, and that's probably also because they have such unique ~lewks~. Kim's booty has broken the internet on a number of occasions, Kylie's makeup style is so popular there's now an Instagram face filter for it, and Kendall is a world-famous model who's worked with some crazy big brands.

One time the whole family got together to model a campaign was for Calvin Klein, which saw the Kardashian-Jenner family members wear different styles of underwear and jeans products from the brand and pose together. And judging from the 'behind the scenes' video shared to social media, it's safe to say the sisters had a great time together on this shoot:

But while we know the Kardashians and their TV show are often just "keeping up" appearances, there was something undeniably fake about one of the latest images from the campaign.

Kim recently uploaded an image from the campaign showing her and her sisters walking through a park landscape wearing the iconic fashion brand. The black and white image certainly is striking, but can you spot the one huge photoshop fail that has gotten the internet talking?

Nope, can't see it?

I'll give you a hint: it's Kourtney who appears to have gotten an unlucky treatment from whoever edited the Calvin Klein shots.

photoshop fail kardashian calvin klein Credit: Instagram/@calvinklein

Still can't see it? Maybe we should look a little closer.

photoshop fail kardashian calvin klein Credit: Instagram/@calvinklein

Right there! Her right arm. Doesn't it look a little... unusual?

For whatever reason, it looks like Kourtney's right arm has been dramatically shrunken, making her wrist look very, very thin. It's obvious it's a photoshop fail because A) no-one's arm could possibly ever look like this, B) her left arm looks completely untouched and normal, and C) because a behind-the-scenes image of the same shot shows her arm looking completely normal.

The pic must've been taken sometime in March or early April, as Kylie's already lost her baby belly, but Khloe looks like she's about to pop – pregnant in this pic with True who was born on April 12.

It appears to be a long-running campaign, with the first family portrait style shots to come from the Kardashians wearing Calvin Klein being from January.

This image sparked a lot of controversy due to the fact that Kylie was covering herself with a blanket, and at the time, rumors were circulating around the makeup mogul that she was pregnant. Of course, she was pregnant all along, giving birth to daughter Stormi in February after keeping the entire pregnancy a secret for the safety of her then-unborn child.

In this image, Kylie is covering up her belly again, but there's yet another photoshop fail to be found.

Can you spot this one? Kylie's second leg appears to have gone missing, and there's no way to imagine how she might be positioning it other than to conclude that someone just cropped it out.

And whilst it looks like Calvin Klein might need to get a new photo editor, this isn't the first controversy the family has had with photoshop fails.

Whilst we're all guilty of using the most flattering filter on Instagram, the sister' momager, Kris Jenner, took things a little too far in this picture she shared posing with world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay:

Credit: Instagram / Kris Jenner

The level of "smoothing out" becomes a lot more apparent when you compare Kris' picture with the one Gordon Ramsay shared to his social accounts:

Credit: Twitter / Gordon Ramsay

She even edited Ramsay's famously wrinkled forehead!

I think it is safe to say that every member of the Kardashian/Jenner family looks amazing for their age, even if they are given a little help from the planet's best makeup artists. I think they should say goodbye to photoshop, stay true to themselves, and opt only for unedited pics in the future.