Ed Sheeran cryptically revealed that he was going to propose in a song last year

Ed Sheeran cryptically revealed that he was going to propose in a song last year

As the world comes to terms with the fact that everyone's favourite ginger is getting married, some eagle-eyed fans have noticed that Ed Sheeran hinted at a potential proposal in a Taylor Swift song last year.

If you weren't aware by now, Ed Sheeran has proposed to his girlfriend of two years, Cherry Seaborn, which came as a surprise to literally everyone - apart from Taylor Swift.

Taylor more than likely knew about the impending proposal after recording her song"End Game" with Ed last year. In the track, which was released on November 14, 2017, Ed basically revealed to the world that he was planning to propose.

Ed's verse went as follows:

"Knew it when I was young
We connected when we were little bit older
Both sprung, I got issues and chips on both of my shoulders
Reputation precedes me, in rumors I’m knee deep
The truth is it’s easier to ignore it, believe me
Even when we’d argue, we don’t do it for long
And you understand the good and bad, end up in the song
For all your beautiful traits, and the way you do it with ease
For all my flaws, paranoia, and insecurities
I’ve made mistakes, and made some choices that’s hard to deny
After the storm, something was born on the fourth of July
I passed days with a thumb, this end game isn’t won
With four words on the tip of my tongue, I’ll never say"

Based off of a few key lines picked up by fans of the singer-songwriter, the verse appears to be about and Ed and Cherry.

Firstly: "Knew it when I was young," may refer to the fact that Ed and Cherry met at school. However, they didn't get together until 2015: "We connected when we were a little bit older."

The delay in the romance was due to the fact that Cherry moved to America to attend college, something which Ed appears to allude to when he says: "Something was born on the fourth of July."

And for those of you who are good at maths, Ed finished the verse with, "four words on the tip of my tongue." Hmm four words, I wonder what they could possibly be? Maybe, "will you marry me?"

If this all turns out to be true, it means that Ed was hiding his intentions from the world, and Cherry, in plain sight in the months before he decided to pop the question. The song was released in mid-November and it is believed that Sheeran got down on one knee on New Year's Eve.

It's not the first time that Taylor has taken an interest in Ed's love life, with the singer throwing a first anniversary party for the couple back in 2016.

So, it seems like Taylor was in on the proposal all along. Fair play to Ed for hiding the pending engagement in the lyrics of his song. Good luck to him and Cherry with the engagement, I'm sure it'll be a pretty exclusive party.