Ed Sheeran reveals the weirdest gift he has ever received from a fan

Ed Sheeran reveals the weirdest gift he has ever received from a fan

Being an A-class celebrity is not always glitz and glam. You're constantly ghosted by paparazzi, every move you make on social media will be picked apart, and you've got an unspoken duty to call your celebrity child some kind of unconventional name like Saint or Pilot Inspektor.

But also, you're in for some creepy fan mail. Celebrities probably sift through a lot of lovely and wholesome letters, but they'll also get the occasional death threat or frighteningly earnest marriage proposal. Then, there's the gifts. Jared Leto has been sent a human ear, Beyonce a bejeweled tub of Vaseline (real diamonds, no less) and someone sent Emma Watson a bunch of bibles.

Earlier this year, Ed Sheeran shared the strangest gift he ever received from a fan on The Jonathan Ross Show.

"I get some really cool things from fans," the singer-songwriter shared. "Like a fan knitted me a doll that was like a perfect thing. It even had like the tattoos and the necklace and everything."

Sounds nice, and it even had no traces of voodoo magic.

"Occasionally you get the weird things," he went on. "I get baked a lot of cakes and at the beginning of my career I ate the cakes, you do, if you're given cakes, you eat cakes."

"I've never met a cake I don't like," Ross butts in.

Let's just take a moment to digress and prove that Ed Sheeran is a verified cake lover, as can be seen in this early home-made video of baby Sheeran and his friend filming "How much can you fit on your mouth" with Jaffa Cakes:

Anyway, the now 26-year-old went on to explain that he received a bit of an unusual kind of cake. It looked unassuming at first, so Sheeran decided he'd try some and sliced into it to cut himself a nice, generous piece. But then...

"As I pulled it out, it was just this big clump of hair," he revealed. "I was kind of like, there's a mistake when there are one or two hairs, but when it's a clump.

"I have a feeling that this girl kind of wanted me to eat the cake so next time she saw me she could be like, 'I'm inside you'."

The other guys on Jonathan Ross' couch perfectly demonstrate everyone's reaction:

jonathan ross show ed sheeran cake Credit: ITV

Poor Ed. No one wants to see a wad of hair that's capable of clogging shower drains inside a baked good. That's just disgusting. And it's quite disturbing if this person really did want Sheeran to eat the hair. Sheeran appeared to recall the situation quite calmly, although an experience like that is probably enough to put you off cakes for a good few months. And that's a really sad thing for anyone to be denied.

As the Castle on the Hill lyric goes: "Me and my friends have not thrown up in so long, oh how we've grown". Is that still the case, Ed?