Ellen asked Pink and Reese Witherspoon if they've ever had sex in public and their responses couldn't be more different 

Ellen asked Pink and Reese Witherspoon if they've ever had sex in public and their responses couldn't be more different 

It's hard to believe, but there was a period of time when we didn't walk around with our iPhones glued to our hands, live-streaming every moment of our mundane existences and chortling over some meme or the other. Certainly, whilst it's becoming more and more difficult, we have to remind ourselves that there was a time when the avocado was just an avocado, not a lifestyle choice.

This brave new world does have its advantages. Platforms such as Instagram and YouTube have allowed young creatives to harness their talent for next to nothing and achieve unthinkable amounts of fame and fortune. It has also enabled the disenfranchised to find esoteric pockets of people who can emphasise with their grievances.

However, I repeatedly find myself becoming nostalgic and longing for the days of 90s and 00s celebrity culture: a time where it was acceptable to wear double-denim and when films such as American Pie and Cruel Intentions were readily produced.

So of course I was going to tune in when two early Noughties icons appeared on Ellen.. together.

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Reese Witherspoon and Pink were guests on The Ellen DeGeneres show yesterday, and naturally, Ellen found a way to make the two squirm. The television host made Reese and Pink play a game of "Never Have I Ever" together, and as you can expect, things got awkward very quickly.

Ellen is clearly a pro at the student favourite, as she eased her two guests in with some rather innocuous questions, such as whether they had ever faked injuries and the like. However, just as Reese and Pink were becoming comfortable, Ellen threw them by asking whether they had ever done "it" in public.

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Whilst Reese looked absolutely appalled by the question, Pink seemed right at home and proudly swung her paddle to indicate that she had in fact done the deed - in a public park, to be exact.

Reese did, however, eventually admit that she too had been rather scandalous in the past. But she refused to name where exactly she did the dirty.

Watch the video below to get the lowdown on some of Reese Witherspoon's and Pink's juiciest secrets...

Some might be surprised to learn that Ellen herself has never done "it" in public.

Ellen did end up getting a lot of information out of the two; she uncovered that Reese and Pink have both been guilty of looking through their husbands' phones, and she also got Reese to admit that she once hooked up with someone whilst other people were in the room (this was in college, naturally).

Well, I don't know about you, but I didn't quite expect that from Reese Witherspoon. Pink, on the other hand? No surprise at all.

More power to her, I say.

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