Emma Stone just went and got a perm, and now everybody wants one

Emma Stone just went and got a perm, and now everybody wants one

There are a few things that are best left in the 1980s and the perm is definitely one of them. Alongside shoulder pads, mullets and leg warmers; the perm is a symbol of the 80s that is best left as a memory rather than in the present day. However, one person who doesn't seem to understand this is Emma Stone.

Stone has clearly bought into the concept of 'what goes around, comes back around' and it's easy to see why. I imagine that just one look around your office and you'll see ladies in chokers and ripped jeans, and guys wearing oversized varsity jackets with Adidas Superstars. Retro fashion is the in thing right now, and Stone has decided to take it to new levels.

The actress, who is known for her roles in La La Land and the Spiderman series, has decided to bring back the perm. Taking to her Instagram account, makeup artist Rachel Goodwin uploaded a photo of herself and Stone in a salon and captioned it:

"We have a permanent bond! Some friends get tattoos, well we get perms! We’re here to tell you that they are BACK and theyre not your grandmas perm! Especially when you are in the amazing hands of @mararoszak and @bykileyfitz at @mare_salon #curlyisthenewstraight this is the #newwave"

Fans were dying to see the result of the hairstyle, and an Emma Stone fan account uploaded a photo of the two women with the retro hairstyles and some people were jealous, with one fan writing:

"LOVE doing perms!!! So glad to see Emma Stone got one!! Wish I could have been the hairstylists to do it!! She’s my FAVORITE actress and I totally just colored my hair red, inspired by her!! OBSESSED!!! ???"

One Twitter user went as far to say that she wants to get a perm, blaming Stone for being her inspiration.

While the perm may seem like a pretty rogue choice of hairstyle, it may be on its way back.  Late last year, Matrix SoColor Celebrity Stylist George Papanikolas revealed the perm was set for a big comeback in 2018. Speaking to InStyle, he explained: "The perms trend back in the ‘80s had extra volume, tight waves, curly fringe, and lot's of hairspray paired with a scrunchy or headband. Back in the '80s the perm looked frizzier with lot's of backcombing."

However, Papanikolas explained that while the perm is set to return, it will be a much more sleek and subtle version when compared to the likes that Madonna and other pop icons used to sport.

“Today it’s more about the beachy look, like the one you see on Victoria’s Secret models or even the tousled, effortless-looking waves that show up on nearly every red carpet."

What do you think? Is the perm going to make a comeback? For me, while Stone's fame means that she can get away with sporting the hair-do, I'm not too sure the average Joe could.