Fans are seriously concerned about Leslie Jones after she posted a heartbreaking message

Fans are seriously concerned about Leslie Jones after she posted a heartbreaking message

Putting aside the fame and riches, life in the spotlight can't be easy. I mean, can you imagine the pressure to look picture-perfect day after day? And I don't know about you, but I'd quickly come to resent the hoards of paparazzi committed to following my every move. However, it is ultimately the impossible beauty standards that Hollywood perpetuates that takes the biggest toll on its young, female stars. Comedian Leslie Jones, who is best known for her work on Saturday Night Live, recently spoke to this sentiment in an Instagram post which left her fans worried.

After reading Leslie's emotional post, her fans were quick to send her words of encouragement and stressed that she's most definitely loved by her viewers. One Twitter user stressed that Leslie should be her "own romance", writing, "Leslie. I'm a minister + I can tell you that everyone dies alone. Be healthy for you. Don't give so much power to men or objects of desire. Be your own romance. Get your own power back. I'm rooting for you." Another individual added, "Thank you for sharing this and being real. You’re letting tons of people see that we ALL have the same recurring thoughts and issues. That aside, you’re a goddess and an inspiration!"

While it's all too easy to get into a rut of negative thinking and convince yourself that you're destined to be "forever alone", it's important to air these thoughts from time to time - just like Leslie did in her recent Instagram post. Not only does it often result in discovering that everyone feels this way occasionally, but it also provides comfort to those who are going through something similar. In any case, expressing your emotions is always a cathartic experience.

Leslie Jones, we hope you feel better soon, and that you have realised that you are truly beloved by your fans.

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