First 'official' picture of Kyle Jenner's baby bump emerges

First 'official' picture of Kyle Jenner's baby bump emerges

It is finally happening people, the cover-up is finally unraveling and it's looking more and more likely that Kylie Jenner is definitely, 100 percent, absolutely pregnant. It has been months, and I mean MONTHS, since speculation began and we have been on a rollercoaster ride ever since. There have been numerous secret photos, bizarre photo-shoots and a wide variety of different sources and insider information, but now we're seemingly getting closer to the point of confirmation.

For those of you who have genuinely been living underneath a rock, or in a place that has no internet for the past four months, you have missed out on a lot. Basically, Kylie Jenner has been playing a huge game of cat and mouse with the entire world since September, when rumours began to circulate that she was expecting. Despite her sisters Kim and Khloe going on to confirm their own pregnancies, Kylie has stayed unusually quiet and shied away from the public eye.

What was once an Instagram feed pasted with revealing and scantily clad photo-shoots is now a series of shoulder-high selfies and make-up promotion. A formerly busy, and sometimes comical, Twitter feed, is now a barren wasteland of promotional retweets and scheduled marketing posts. Kylie Jenner, the internet phenomenon, who was arguably the most famous teenager in the world, had disappeared.

However, recent sitings of the star have suggested that despite the fact Kylie has kept her lips sealed regarding the whole pregnancy scandal, she is pregnant and she is pretty far along on her journey.

Just last week, the public welcomed a new Kardashian into the world when Kim announced the arrival of Chicago West, who had been born via a surrogate. While the story was undoubtedly big news, the topic that set everyone's chins wagging was the fact that 'Kylie Jenner' had been photographed at a nearby CVS store looking heavily pregnant.

Although the woman in the picture could be Kylie, it seems pretty weird for her to be going to a CVS store at a time when she is literally being hounded by paparazzi trying to get a snap of her and her rumoured bump. The woman in the above photo may not be the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, but she surely cannot deny that the most recent snaps are of her.

Pregnant Kylie Jenner with Jordyn Woods Credit: TMZ

Those sneaky folks over at TMZ have managed to get their mitts on some new photos of Kylie and her best gal pal, Jordyn Woods at an empty lot in Los Angeles. In the snaps, which were also accompanied by a video, Kylie can be seen looking heavily pregnant and appears to be struggling to get into a Range Rover due to her bump.

Pregnant Kylie Jenner getting in a car Credit: TMZ

While the photos are grainy, there's no denying that it's Kylie and that's she's pregnant. Sorry, Kylie, it's been fun, but you have been rumbled. Maybe it's time to just come forward and admit that you're preggers; even if it's only to put an end to this madness.