Floyd Mayweather has accused Justin Bieber of being a traitor

Floyd Mayweather has accused Justin Bieber of being a traitor

Unfollowing people on social media is a serious business. Hitting that button means that you're effectively cutting off contact with a person. You're no longer interested in their social media presence, which, my God, pretty much means you're no longer interested in their existence period.

When it comes to famous people, that is only heightened to an insane degree. If someone like Justin Bieber follows or unfollows you, it's going to make waves. People will notice. You will notice. There was intention behind it. Surely, there's always intention behind it. So now, that Justin Bieber has unfollowed his friend of five years, Floyd Mayweather, on Instagram, the two are in open conflict.

mayweather bieber Credit: Los Angeles Times

Mayweather is reportedly furious, and has said that Bieber is a "traitor", saying that he's essentially dead to him. This is sad, because the two have been friends for a long time. Mayweather was reportedly teaching Bieber how to box, and he defended the young singer when the entire media was coming down hard on him for drunk driving and other legal problems.

Why did Bieber unfollow him? Apparently, he was counseled by the Hillsong Church, an extremely wealthy and vapid megachurch in Australia, to cut out toxic people from his life. He needed to set up "boundaries", and that meant getting rid of some people who have been a part of his life for a long time.

Now, I don't know about you, but celebrities 'finding religion' tends to be pretty annoying, especially when that religion is a megachurch and is absolutely loaded. It seems to be little more than a shallow cry for self-help. To prove my point, it's a major celebrity church. Everyone from Selena Gomez, to Kendall Jenner, to Bono has attended. Is Bono the image of spiritual devotion? The Jenner family? Exactly.

Floyd mayweather Credit: Reddit

Mayweather took the news terribly, and now allegedly considers Bieber to be an enemy. Abandoning him weeks before one of the biggest fights of his career is not something a good friend does. But Bieber's reason, in connection with the church? He felt Mayweather was too attached to strip clubs, and other venues that Bieber was trying to distance himself from.

Bieber is unlikely to attend the fight between Mayweather and Conor McGregor at the end of this month, which is a change from his usual role as a supportive attendee.

Floyd went "insane, nuclear" and has taken Bieber's actions as a total termination of their friendship. It may be for the best, however. How many people get cut off when you fall into a wealthy Australian megachurch? Probably only people you considered to be expendable in the first place.

Credit: MTV

Bieber and Mayweather may never make up, and that too may be for the best. Who needs these shallow celebrity friendships that fall apart as soon as one friend needs to "reset boundaries" as part of a routine celebrity spiritualism? That said, I feel bad for Mayweather, because he took the news pretty harshly. Maybe he'll get to prove Bieber and all the naysayers wrong in his upcoming fight. But either way, if Bieber wants to be done with Mayweather, then Mayweather has fired shots right back.