Floyd Mayweather flaunts his crazy wine and watch collection at his 'Beverly Hills Castle'

Floyd Mayweather flaunts his crazy wine and watch collection at his 'Beverly Hills Castle'

If there's one thing Floyd Mayweather has a lot of, it's money. Money, after all, is his adopted middle name, and the undefeated boxer lives up to the moniker wilfully.

Indeed, Mayweather is known almost as much for his prowess as a savvy businessman as his considerable ring craft, which has led him to an unblemished 50-0 record throughout the course of a career that has been a veritable tour de force in the form of a defensive masterclass.

Floyd Mayweather is no slouch at promoting his fights, either, and has astutely hand picked opponents that provide intrigue or animosity without any real hope of toppling him from his lofty perch. That has been an oft-levelled criticism at Mayweather, his ostensible unwillingness to face truly dangerous fighters in the prime of their careers; circumstances have always seemed to conspire in favour of the undefeated boxer, who faced Manny Pacquiao years too late for the fight to be the spectacle it should have been.

Floyd Mayweather Credit: Getty

Moreover, Mayweather has been accused of a lack of punching power which has seen a steady decline in the number of knockouts he has recorded in recent years, though boxing purists would likely point to this as further evidence of his genius.

Despite this, Mayweather has proved a remarkable box office draw, not least through his bouts with the afore mentioned Pacquiao, and, more recently, Conor McGregor. Floyd has accrued an astonishing personal fortune, then, and he appears determined that the whole world should know it, too.

True to form, Mayweather has been busying himself on Instagram of late with the serious business of flaunting the astonishingly opulent surrounds that he calls home.

First, let's take a look at the undefeated boxer's "wine cellar", which looks more like a 'wine wall' to me, but there you go

There aren't many people in the world who could refer to their home as a "castle" without a heavy sense of irony. Floyd, though, is one of the few who can; his six bedroom, 10 bathroom house is worth a reported $25m.

When all that wine tasting gets a little tiring, don't worry about Floyd, because he's got the most stylish couch in town to unwind on

One can only assume that the former boxer is the most punctual man in town, with this many dazzling watches to choose from

With his 10th round victory over Conor McGregor in Las Vegas last month, one shudders to think just how much Mayweather has added to his eye-watering wealth,

And finally, just in case you wanted a veritable panorama of opulence

With his fighting days now seemingly over in the wake of what was, frankly, little more than a folly against McGregor, Floyd Mayweather now has all the time in the world left to enjoy his retirement.  One thing is for certain: he's not about to run out of cash any time soon.