Floyd Mayweather has at least half-a-billion dollars in the bank

Floyd Mayweather has at least half-a-billion dollars in the bank

They don't call him 'money' Mayweather for nothing. After boxing a flawless 50-0 record and rarely getting rocked in the ring, Mayweather has earned his salary. We know he has seven girlfriends and seven cars, but exactly how much liquid cash does the guy have? In the bank, right now, how much could he afford? If, say, he wanted to buy a house on the spot, what's his limit?

He earned a reported $250 million from his fight against McGregor alone. That includes his base pay of $100 million, plus his cut of the pay-per-view money. However, his total bag accumulated over decades has finally been revealed - to a puppet.

That's right, he was being interviewed by a puppet named Diego on a YouTube channel when he let the full figures of his bank account spill. I guess it was a pretty laid-back environment.

In the midst of the interview, Mayweather places a $100 bill on the puppet's head. To him, it's chump change. After that, Diego asks him a 'straightforward question'. The one we're all looking for: "How much money do you have in your bank account?"

Mayweather slinks coolly into his chair, and replies: "Which account? Which bank?"

After being pressed further by the puppet, Mayweather rubs his face non-chalantly and says that in one of his accounts he has a sweet $200 million. Or $300 million. He isn't quite sure. But that's just one. He has many "different accounts". After encouraging the puppet to get divorced, the two move away from the subject of money, but we can add up Mayweather's cash right now.

200 million plus another 250 million from the McGregor fight makes at least $450 million. Give or take a little bit, and that's half-a-billion. And that's the base minimum - God knows how much he has spread across his other accounts.

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Mayweather is not conservative with his spending, however. He's a billion-dollar-boxer, but after seven cars, and spending cash on seven girlfriends, he's definitely been emptying his coffers. He has a strip club called Girl Collection, because he loves strip clubs so much. But that enters into the dark aspect of Mayweather's character - his domestic violence record.

Is it the obligation of journalists to mention this every time an article on him is published? Mayweather is a certified playboy with seven girlfriends, but the downside of an ultra-casual attitude toward women comes with an ultra-casual attitude toward being aggressive with them. When it comes to violence against women, boxers and fighters as a whole aren't held accountable. But what does 'holding them accountable' look like? We have a long way to go as a society.

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Myaweather is a legend, and he's not the first to rack up huge amounts of money and have a controversial past. At the very least, we know he's not losing his cash to divorce court anytime soon. He even encouraged the puppet who interviewed him to get divorced. Let's hope Floyd is doing better with the women in his life now.

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