Genie Bouchard shares her dad's reaction after her new Sports Illustrated photos emerged

Genie Bouchard shares her dad's reaction after her new Sports Illustrated photos emerged

Genie Bouchard is now arguably more famous for what she gets up to off of the court rather than on it. The Canadian tennis player, who is aesthetically gifted, to say the least, has become a bit of a legend on social media after she went on a date with a fan and, if her latest shoot with sports illustrated is anything to go by, her stock is set to sharply rise.

For those of you who are unaware who Bouchard is, she's a Canadian tennis pro, who got to the Wimbledon final in 2014 and reached the semi-finals of the Australian and French open in 2014. However, while the 23-year-old undoubtedly has talent on the court, Genie's outgoing personality across her social media platforms has become what the majority of us know her for.

Last year, the Super Bowl left the majority of people absolutely speechless, and not just because of the events that unfolded on the pitch. While the comeback from New England Patriots was absolutely remarkable, there was an almost bigger story developing in the world of Twitter.

Bouchard had confidently tweeted about the Atlanta Falcons winning the game and scooping the trophy.

The lead was sitting at a whopping 21-0 at the time of the tweet and the majority of people assumed that the game was over. However, that didn't stop John Goehrke trying his luck and offering up a brilliant proposal to the tennis players: "If Patriots win we go on a date?"

Much to everyone's surprise, Bouchard agreed and that's when things took a drastic turn. The Patriots pulled off the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history and Goehrke had managed to earn himself a date with the Canadian heartthrob.

The two ended up going for a date in New York and have remained in contact ever since, with them even making an appearance at this year's Super Bowl. Speaking about the date at the time, Bouchard said:

"I planned the date. He picked me up at my hotel like a gentleman, then we came over here.

"He brought me a nice little gift and he enjoyed the game courtside.

"I’m lucky he’s normal. For sure [there will a second date]."

But, this time, it's not Bouchard's personality that is making waves on the internet, in fact, it's not even her sports skills. Nope, instead, it's her photoshoot with Sports Illustrated which has been grabbing the attention of her fans on Twitter.

However, given the raunchy nature of the shoot, Genie was understandably concerned about what her father would make of it all. Taking to her Twitter account Genie shared a text exchange with her dad Michel, in which he said that he approved of the shoot, saying that "its done tastefully."

"You know its a bit strange for a dad to see his daughter half clad in a magazine. But its done so tastefully. I’m proud of you. Well done!"

Fair play to Michel for accepting his daughter's decision to take ownership of her body in what is set to be a ground-breaking edition of the infamous magazine. While Genie's step back from tennis has seen her fall out of the top 100 for the first time in her career, it seems like her career off of the court is continuing to prosper.