Genie Bouchard is still living the dream with guy who won that epic Super Bowl bet

Genie Bouchard is still living the dream with guy who won that epic Super Bowl bet

There's an age-old saying that you should never meet your idols, as it will only end in disappointment. While this is undoubtedly correct in some cases, it doesn't ring true in others. For many people, meeting someone famous that they've been crushing on is the dream, so becoming friends, or partners, with that person seems near enough impossible.

However, one man who did get to meet his celebrity crush, is John Goerhke.

Last year's Super Bowl left the majority of people absolutely speechless, and not just because of the events that unfolded on the pitch. While the comeback from New England Patriots was absolutely remarkable, there was an almost bigger story developing in the world of Twitter.

Eugenie Bouchard, the Canadian tennis player, confidently tweeted about the Atlanta Falcons winning the game and scooping the trophy.

The lead was sitting at a whopping 21-0 at the time of the tweet and the majority of people assumed that the game was over. However, that didn't stop John Goehrke trying his luck and offering up a brilliant proposal to the tennis players: "If Patriots win we go on a date?"

Much to everyone's surprise, Bouchard agreed and that's when things took a drastic turn. The Patriots pulled off the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history and Goehrke had managed to earn himself a date with the Canadian heartthrob.

Speaking about the reasons behind his impromptu tweet, Goehrke said:

"At the time it didn't seem like a crazy, bold thing to do. For one I didn't think she would actually respond and also probably because it was such a long shot at the time. But I didn't even think twice about it once I got the idea."

Bouchard was a woman of her word and the two went out on a date to a Brooklyn Nets vs Milwaukee Bucks game. But while the whole thing may have seemed like a bit of a gimmick, the pair clearly hit it off and have been spotted together on several occasions since the date.

Now, a year on from that infamous night, this unlikely romance looks set to embark on its next chapter.

The duo will be rekindling the romance in the same place where it all began after they received an invited from the NFL Canada Twitter account.

Bouchard was clearly a fan of the idea and pointed out the Patriots would also be playing in the game again.

Never one to turn down an invite from his beau, Goehrke quickly jumped on board with the plan and confirmed the date, which marks an anniversary since he landed the luckiest of all long shots.

Speaking about whether he would encourage people to try similar acts in order to meet their crushes, John said:

"My advice is never hesitate to go for it. The worst that could happen in my situation was that she didn't respond, so why not!"

So the fairytale continues. Last time, John bought Genie some Tiffany earrings on their first date, so who knows what he'll buy her this time? An engagement ring perhaps?