Hulk Hogan called victims of Hurricane Irma 'crybabies'

Hulk Hogan called victims of Hurricane Irma 'crybabies'

Whenever there are natural disasters, there's always some tough guy out there who says they could survive easily, with no help rom the government. I remember some choice Yahoo! Answers comments where some libertarians said they would just pitch up a tent, start a fire, and survive any kind of disaster. People who have trouble in hurricanes, they claim, just aren't trying hard enough.

That tough-guy-ism runs wild among older men and survivalist-types. So what about wrestlers? What about the legendary Hulk Hogan? Well, believe it or not, he had some of those ideas to express a few days ago. He's just sick of all the 'complaining' from people without food, water or electricity.

He made some controversial comments about Hurricane Irma two days ago, in a couplet of now-deleted Tweets. It seems he realized how silly they sounded, and promptly deleted them to avoid backlash.

Credit: Variety

"No water, no power, crybabies, everyone's complaining, these people have no clue how bad it could be, Praying for those that got hit hard, lost" -September 14th

"Homes, lives, businesses, lost everything, thank you God for helping those with divine highly blessings, God speed only love HH" -September 14th

True, it could be worse. You could be dead or lose your house entirely. But living without water or electricity is pretty debilitating. What do you drink? How do you get help? Better have a lantern. Anyone who's surviving a hurricane is definitely not being a 'crybaby'.

Living without water or electricity would get old fast. One fan said this: “60,000 homes without power here, haven’t seen a crybaby yet, just people helping their neighbors. and what are you doing to help?”

It seems that Hogan himself took damage to one of his houses in the hurricane. Since then, Hogan seems to have simmered down, and come to his senses:

Of course, the famous wrestler destroyed an entire media company last year. With the help of Silicon Valley arch-wizard and lawyer Peter Thiel, he literally sued into bankruptcy and ended them. How? Well, they published a sex tape involving Hogan without his consent, which seems like a pretty crappy thing to do. Still, it's kind of insane that a wrestler can shut down an entire media outlet over one accident. I'll be sure not to criticize Hogan too much here, lest he summon Thiel to take me down.

Credit: E! Online

Hulk Hogan is pretty much a walking meme. But a walking meme can shut down media companies if he has enough cash. It's a test of wealth against freedom of the press. Of course, it's probably best not to post sex tapes without peoples' consent.

Let's hope Hulk Hogan is donating some money or out there helping with the Irma recovery fund. I'm sure he is, paddling around out there, reaching into the waters and sweeping up rescue kittens...

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