'Human Ken Doll' dons racy outfit for photoshoot in support of gender fluidity

'Human Ken Doll' dons racy outfit for photoshoot in support of gender fluidity

In the age we're living in, dramatic cosmetic surgery and operations are becoming frequently common. There's the woman with the biggest breasts in the world, a woman who wants to look like Jessica Rabbit, the Polish Barbie and the Human Ken Doll. Rodrigo Alves has spent insane amounts of money and undergone multiple surgeries in order to achieve the appearance of the child's toy and has become famous off the back of it.

However, despite winding people up through his vanity project, Alves has now begun using his platform to spread a message of positivity and to challenge social norms. Appearing in a new photo shoot, Rodrigo - who identifies as gender fluid - can be seen scantily clad in some racy, and traditionally feminine, clothing.

The series is dubbed 'Feminizing the Masculine Man' and is an attempt to redefine how society expects people to dress and behave based on their physical anatomy. In the images, a defiant Rodrigo can be seen posing in a corset, fishnets and red nipple tassels.

Replacing his traditionally short platinum locks for both a long blonde wig and a brunette option, Rodrigo's look is evocative of the 1970's glamour models.

Rodrigo is no stranger to wearing heavy amounts of makeup on the daily, however, he changes his 'neutral' palette for pink lipstick and smokey eyes. He has also somehow mastered the art of wearing high heels and seems more than comfortable posing in front of the camera in the revealing outfit.

Talking about his motivations behind the shoot, Rodrigo said: "People's physical gender defines how society expects them to dress and behave, as well as what they are supposed to be interested in."

"When I was a boy my long gone granddad used to buy me Barbie dolls to play with and I used to love wearing granny panties and dresses. People shouldn't be forced to identify as a particular gender.

They should be able to express themselves in ways that reject labels and gender stereotypes. I'm a huge supporter of gender equality and the new trend gender fluid - I regard myself as a genderfluid person.

I wear make-up and a corset which are made for the female, but I would like to change that and launch a new trend for the man. Wearing a corset under a blazer looks very elegant and helps with one's posture."

The shoot is part of a project with visual artist Thomas Evans entitled 'Femme the Man' and is committed to exploring society's labels and finding different ways to challenge them. The project will see him try and get participants and viewers to reconsider their perception of gender and gender expression.

It's easy to view Rodrigo and his multiple surgeries as simply an attention seeking vanity project, but if he's using his platform to spread positivity and acceptance then it's hard to criticise him even if you're not sure about his methods.