'Human Ken Doll' reveals where his removed ribs will go after most dangerous procedure to date

'Human Ken Doll' reveals where his removed ribs will go after most dangerous procedure to date

If there's anyone who sums up celebrity culture in the 21st century, it's Rodrigo Alvez. The 34-year-old Brazilian, better known by his nickname, "The Human Ken Doll", has managed to carve out a spot for himself in the public eye after undergoing dozens of cosmetic surgeries in an endeavor to look like a plastic doll.

Despite warnings that undergoing so many procedures could be detrimental to his health, Alvez continues to chip and chisel away at his body. He's racked up over half a million dollars in medical bills over the 15 years that he's been going under the knife, and he hasn't shown any signs that he plans on stopping anytime soon.

Most recently, the surgery fanatic (or perhaps addict) has announced that he will be undergoing one of the most dangerous procedures available: rib removal.

This weekend, Alvez will visit his usual cosmetic surgeon in order to have four "floating" ribs removed from his body. Explaining his reasoning for the procedure, the Human Ken Doll said: "I am quite boxy around the waist area."

He went on:

"I like my fitted shirts and smart blazers and they will suit me much better when I have that classic slender figure.

"It's going to make my waist tiny so I can wear elegant, nice blazers.

"I have had friends that have done it before - it's not a simple procedure but it can be done."

And if getting parts of his body removed so that he can wear nicer blazers wasn't weird enough, Alvez has also revealed what will happen to his ribs once they are no longer hanging about in his (already surgically-enhanced) torso.

"Once they've been removed they'll be sent off to a cartilage bank," Alvez stated matter-of-factly. This means that the ribs will be able to used in future if - or more likely, when - the 34-year-old needs the material for any future surgery.

This is not an uncommon procedure, and surgeons will actually use material from other parts of the body when repairing damaged tissues or performing reconstructive surgery.

Alvez is not concerned by the risk of the surgery, either, and actually asked doctors to removed six ribs originally. Thankfully, they refused. And, given the list of procedures that he's already undergone, it's not surprising to see why:

"I have had a hair implant, a brow lift, eye lifts, my ears pinned back, cheeks redesigned, my jawline shaped, I’ve had cheek implants twice, the sides if my lips cut out in order to give me a bigger wider smile. I have had fillers injected into my shoulders, biceps, triceps, my abs – my six pack is purely plastic surgery."

It's probably a good thing that Alvez is storing his biological material in a cartilege bank, as some statements he made recently suggest that he's going to need to use it someday.

"Now I've achieved my dream face and body I plan to stop the aging process using stem cell technology. I've already had lots of them injected into my face, scalp and bloodstream," he said.

"My aim to always look ageless and maintain my unique looks. After all there is no other man or another Rodrigo Alves that looks like me. I get a lot of attention due to my artificial looks - but I finally love myself and that is the most important thing of all."

Not counting the 100+ "aesthetic enhancements" he's already undergone, this surgery will be his 60th body modification.