'Human Ken Doll' Rodrigo Alves films dangerous procedure to remove four ribs

'Human Ken Doll' Rodrigo Alves films dangerous procedure to remove four ribs

As I'm sure you are all aware by now, we are genuinely living in a time when there is actually a man who is trying to emulate the aesthetics of the children's toy 'Ken'. Rodrigo Alves has undergone various procedures in order to achieve his desired look, and worst of all, he has become incredibly successful off of the back of it.

In his latest quest to achieve what he perceives as the 'perfect body', Rodrigo underwent rib removal surgery. The procedure marked his 60th cosmetic surgery and saw the social media sensation have four ribs removed from his torso.

Never one to shirk from the possibility of achieving some publicity, Rodrigo decide to film the entire ordeal on Instagram - because y'know, everyone wants to see a man graphically having four ribs removed from his body for the sake of vanity, right?

The 34-year-old underwent the surgery at the hands of Doctor Michal K. Obeng in Los Angeles, US. While Rodrigo initially wanted to have six ribs removed, he was left frustrated and annoyed when surgeons opted to remove just four as they had fears about compromising his lungs.

So far, Rodrigo has spent close to $650,000 on multiple different surgeries, including $37,000 on the rib removal. To put that into context, $650,000 is over three times the average house price in America. According to the surgery addict, the price is worth it in order to achieve a more "elegant and classic figure."

Credit: Instagram/drmichaelkobeng

Speaking about the surgery, which was filmed for his new reality show (yep, seriously), Rodrigo said: "My life shall be changed forever as from January 2018 and by summer 2018 I will be looking like a fitness model."

The Brazilian showcased several parts of the surgery on the doctor's Instagram page, including several graphic videos and images.

One post was captioned: '0ur first male #RibRemoval @rodrigoalvesuk the verdict is out if Rodrigo is the first gentleman to have his #ribs removed! Watch our #Live #Feed to #Witness #History!!'

Credit: Instagram/drmichaelkobeng

A particularly gruesome shot showed Rodrigo's ribs laid out on a table in front of him, while he snapped a picture of them - most likely for #TheGram.

Credit: Instagram/drmichaelkobeng

It's not the first time Rodrigo has been in the news this week. He also decided to dye his hair black on Monday to honour the Time's Up movement which stole the headlines at the Gold Globes.

While many of the guests who arrived on the red carpet on Sunday wore black, Rodrigo claims that he 'missed the memo' and decided to turn up in a white suit. Ah yes, he missed the memo. The memo that was in the news every day for the past few months? Yep, he managed to miss that. It wasn't attention seeking at all.

Speaking about his 'accidental' mishap, Rodrigo said: "At the Golden Globes, I really turned heads, I mingled with Justin Timberlake and Zach Efron who gave me compliments on my looks and outfit. 

"However, 90% of the guests were wearing black. I genuinely didn’t have the chance to read the memos and my agents never told me that I had to be wearing black.

"I got very embarrassed and upset, I didn’t mean to not support or disrespect the cause against sexual harassment."

While I'm for people being comfortable in their own skin, our obsession with extreme cosmetic procedures and aspiring to emulate the looks of other people (and toys), is extremely worrying.