This Instagram model looks exactly like Megan Fox

This Instagram model looks exactly like Megan Fox

"Oh, you look just like so and so" is usually met with groans and an exaggerated eye roll. Often it's some reality TV star or someone completely meaningless to you, like "my waxing lady". People might try to flatter you by saying you look like a moderately attractive actor, but usually that just makes you feel a little awkward.

Unless, your doppelgänger is so similar to you that you've become famous for it, and she happens to be one very undeniably attractive lady called Megan Fox.

Bethany Anya, a 26-year-old laboratory technician from Minnesota, has shocked the world with her uncanny resemblance to the Transformers star. She's reached over 16 thousand followers on Instagram, many of whom comment on her selfies saying she looks just like Megan. Take a look for yourself.

Here's Megan Fox:

And here's Bethany Anya:

Again, Fox:

And Anya:

Once more. Fox:


You can't say you don't see strong similarities. In response to the internet spotlight her doppelgänger has brought her, Anya said, "It's very flattering; I see it from time to time but I mostly just think I resemble myself."

But Anya has admitted that she takes inspiration from Fox's poses for her own photos. Let's break it down to what exactly makes them look so similar.

1. The signature pout

Megan Fox's sultry pout is the sexiest "resting bitch face" that ever happened. Anya flaunts it too:

2. Those piercing blue eyes

Even from afar, those sapphire peepers are hard not to notice. Here's Fox:

Megan fox Credit: Getty

3. Dark brown locks

Whether straight or loosely curled, Megan Fox usually always wears it long. It's always out (as in, not tied or pinned) and cascading perfectly over her ears and shoulders. As Fox demonstrates here:

megan fox Credit: Getty

4. Prominent brows

Dark, groomed brows with a slight inward slant give Fox her moody and dangerous sex appeal (neither of those things usually sexy, mind you). Anya nails it too with her own brows:

5. Straight, long nose

Anya shares a similar nose shape to Fox, as you can see here:

There's good reason Anya has received so much attention for her similarities to Fox. But Anya says although her looks have gotten her the attention on Instagram, she ideally wants to be getting more interest for her art works. She laments, "Unfortunately in this day and age, being a pretty face gets you more noticed than your talent does, but I'd like to change that."

Anya has also said that Fox doesn't receive enough credit for things other than her appearance:

"I think she is incredibly smart and witty, way more than people give her credit for. She tends to get brought up just for her looks but she's certainly much more than a beautiful woman." 

I guess Anya must feel the same.