The internet can't get over Hulk Hogan tweeting about his hangover

The internet can't get over Hulk Hogan tweeting about his hangover

If you're a fan of the juice, you'll be aware of just how painful the following morning can be. Yes, hangovers are a rite of passage... that we never seem to learn from. Certainly, all of the excruciating headaches, sore stomachs and lethargy in the world can't stop us from consuming all the tequila our bodies can handle the following Friday.

Now, I don't know about you, but this is how it goes for the majority: we say that we're only going out for one drink, one drink suddenly morphs into 10 and before we know it, we're very drunk. Inevitably when we arise, we experience a strange feeling of shame and regret, because God knows what we said or did.

And there's no chance of asking our friends about anything because they were just as inebriated as us. So we wake up, face down on our beds, still wearing last night's clothes and begin rummaging around for our keys and bank cards.

Unfortunately, no one is immune to a hangover. I mean, veritable pop-culture icon Hulk Hogan had an incredibly gnarly post-Labour Day Monday, by the looks of his Twitter...

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As we all know, it's easy to get up to unprecedented amounts of shenanigans when you don't have to work on Monday. And as it was Labour Day this past weekend, many people woke up on the wrong side of the bed on Monday afternoon, including the semi-retired professional wrestler and television personality, Hulk Hogan.

Although Hulk Hogan has spent the last four decades partying, it's recently all become a bit too much for the 64-year-old: he took to Twitter to announce that his hangover was so bad that he's decided to give up alcohol in favour of water, iced tea and coffee.

"I'm am never drinking again brother HH", he wrote at 3:37 pm - presumably just after he'd gotten out of bed.

He then continued, "only water, coffee and iced tea brother from now on, brother HH".

Finally, he added, "and many a Hogan Energy if I start making them again!!! HH".

Of course, Twitter had quite the reaction to the news of Hulk Hogan's killer hangover. One user stated the obvious when he questioned, "hungover Hulk Hogan?", while others clearly knew what was going on, saying "come on Hulkster...ya gotta make a comeback after a night of drinking!"

The majority of Twitter users, however, didn't buy into Hogan's claim that he'd renounce booze. One said, "aye u say that but when Saturday comes you'll be in the gig going moich" and another just replied with a gif of The Rock rolling his eyes in exasperation.

While I'm certain that no one believes that Hulk Hogan will ever give up alcohol, it's clear that we all had a fair bit of sympathy for him on Monday afternoon, where it was evident that he was seriously paying for the sins of the weekend prior. It's ok, Hulkster - we've all been there.