Jennifer Lawrence posing next to her co-stars in a 'revealing dress' has left fans angry and confused

Jennifer Lawrence posing next to her co-stars in a 'revealing dress' has left fans angry and confused

Jennifer Lawrence has become quite the contentious figure of late. Last weekend she caused tea-cups to rattle across Britain, after she was reportedly "rude" to national treasure Joanna Lumley, during the Bafta Awards. And last week, the 27-year-old revealed that she's planning to take a year-long hiatus from acting to "fix our democracy" and "get young people engaged politically on a local level". As could be expected, Lawrence's commitment to activism, which many considered to be newfound, angered her fans, especially when a representative clarified that she would return to work when projects in development are ready to go.

And now, people have a lot to say about the star's sartorial choices. Lawrence was spotted at a photocall in London on Tuesday, alongside her Red Sparrow cast-mates. But while the men were wrapped up in multiple layers of clothing, Lawrence was left exposed to the elements in a plunging Versace number.

jennifer lawrence BAFTAs Credit: Getty

Silver Linings Playbook actress, Jennifer Lawrence, posed against the London skyline on Tuesday for Red Sparrow's photocall, alongside her male cohorts, Joel Edgerton, Jeremy Irons, Matthias Schoenaerts and director, Francis Lawrence.

As temperatures dropped to a breezy three degrees (37°F), the film's male contingent was bundled up in layers to withstand the cold weather, while Lawrence wore a revealing Versace dress. Clearly the world was on the brink of forgetting how hot Jennifer Lawrence is, and her stylists had to remind us by exposing her to the ravages of wind and rain.

jennifer lawrence Credit: Getty

The disparity here is clear; while the male cast-members were adequately dressed, in loose jeans, layers, coats and functional boots, Lawrence was probably feeling every last drop of rain. I mean, couldn't one of her fellow actors loan her a coat, at least?

And certainly, the people of the internet thought that the ensuing photographs highlighted how differently men and women are treated in Hollywood. On Twitter wrote, "This is such a quietly depressing (and revealing) image. Not least because I’ve been outside today and it’s bloody freezing," while another added, "her expression doesn't exactly scream 'i'm having a great time here and feel very comfortable'".

Some, however, pointed out that Lawrence may have been contractually obligated by stylists to wear the Versace gown. As one Twitter user stated, "Surely the biggest female star in Hollywood can insist on a jacket to no opposition. Surely she may have wanted to show of the beautiful dress."

Ultimately, all we can do is speculate. Perhaps J-Law wanted to look fantastic and show off the dress (which she was surely rewarded for generously). Or maybe, she didn't get the memo and believed it to be a more formal occasion. Or you know, perhaps women feel obligated to turn up to press junkets in head-to-toe Versace, and not a turtleneck. Either way, Jennifer Lawrence was cold, but so is Hollywood itself.

In other news, Jennifer Lawrence has revealed why the nude scenes in Red Sparrow made the crew "uncomfortable".