Jennifer Lawrence reveals the reason she is rude to her fans in public

Jennifer Lawrence reveals the reason she is rude to her fans in public

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most likable actors in Hollywood. When she does interviews, they're never boring. She tells off-color jokes, improvises witty remarks and speaks candidly about sensitive topics, like the time she was forced to do a "naked line-up." While she's famous for her performances in movies, she even more famous for her free spirit and hilarious sense of humor. Everyone wants to be J-Law's friend.

But that doesn't mean J-Law wants to be your friend! The relationship between fans and celebrities can get weird sometimes. For example, earlier this month, some adults were stalking a Stranger Things actor - who is 14-years-old - outside his hotel. Then, when he wouldn't take a picture with them, they got mad and trashed him on Twitter, calling him "ungrateful." I can see celebrities wear disguises when they go out in public. Getting constantly hounded by fans and asked to take pictures must get annoying.

As part of Variety's "Actors on Actors" series, Jennifer sat down with Adam Sandler to discuss their experiences with fame. As the star of countless comedies over the past twenty years the Sandman's had his fair share of  undesirable encounters with fans. (And probably a lot of Billy Madison fans . yelling, "Chlorophyll? More like Borophyll!")

"I assume it's much worse for comedians," says Jennifer. "You just assume they're your best friend." "Yeah. I have that thing, when I'm out eating" replies Adam. "People do pull up a chair more than I'd say."

Jennifer agrees, telling a story about hanging out with her bestie, stand-up comedian Amy Schumer. When Jennifer walks her dog at Central Park, everyone leaves her alone. But when she meets Amy, they're "f--ked." Fans swarm in like moths to a light. Luckily, J-Law's developed a clever strategy to scare fans away:

"Once I enter a public place, I become incredibly rude. I become a huge asshole. That's my only way of defending myself.

I'll see someone walking toward my table and just go [Nope].

'Can I have a selfie?' I'm like, 'no!'"

Jennifer Lawrence says no Credit: Variety

That's actually a pretty funny response. Ironically, when J-Law tries to be unlikable, she just becomes more likable. Meanwhile, Adam Sandler's got a different strategy that seems a lot like a Jedi Mind Trick. Just wave your hand, and say "These are not the droids you're looking for."

"I don't shut 'em down. You know what my new move has been, that works all right?

A guy my age wanted to take a picture with me...they go 'Hey, Adam. Can I get a picture?' I always say, 'You don't want that, man.' And the guy goes, 'What?' And I go, 'You don't want that.' And he's like, 'Yeah. Yeah, I don't.'

And it works...what are you going to do with it?"

Adam Sandler laughing in an interview Credit: Variety

Then Jennifer reveals a third strategy for rejection. "I just just say it's my day off," she says, with a laugh. "It's Sunday. I'm not working today.

The interview ends on a somewhat somber note, as Adam reflects that he enjoys "feeding" the fans, and meeting people, because he's in "the winter of his life" and only has so much time left. Meanwhile, J-Law still has a "lot of time coming." Just like us, celebrities will die one day, and just like us, sometimes they just want to be left alone at a restaurant.

But hey, if Jennifer Lawrence won't take picture just ask this teenage boy from Florida who looks just like her.