Jim Carrey is now creating stunning artwork

Jim Carrey started off doing impressions and stand-up in various venues in the 1980s, but in the years since he has come from struggling to be employed to being one of the most recognisable people in the world of entertainment. By the time the 21st century hit, the 55-year-old Canadian actor is also well known as a comedian, impressionist, screenwriter and producer.

Catching the attention of audiences with his silly physical comedy and incredibly expressive facial expressions, he eventually moved from the stage to the big screen. He made a name for himself in hit comedies such as Liar Liar, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Dumber & Dumber. His later output moved into more serious territory, with critically-acclaimed dramatic turns in films such as The Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Jim Carrey artwork Credit: Vimeo

But things took a darker turn in recent years. With a series of unsuccessful movies and personal losses - including the death of his former girlfriend and battles with depression, he shied away from the public eye. Now, in a new short documentary his fans can see what exactly the actor has been up to.

Titled "I Needed Color", this short documentary lets us in on the behind-the-scenes creative process behind his latest, and until-now private, endeavour: painting. Not only is this a new part of the comedian we haven't seen before, but he looks to be extremely talented at it too.

Jim Carrey artwork Credit: Vimeo

The actor has enjoyed his solitude from an early age, but as an adult he has used that time to create beautiful art. Obsessively painting in his studio, his work has begun to take over his life:


"When I really started painting a lot, I had become so obsessed that there was nowhere to move in my home. Paintings were everywhere. They were becoming a part of the furniture, I was eating on them. I like the independence of it. I love the freedom of it - no one else tells me what I can or can't do"

Jim Carrey artwork Credit: Vimeo

Carrey had sketched since he was a child, but it was only in the last few years that he's taken it up as a serious practice. "I sketched all the time, but I didn't do a lot of painting," he explains, "Suddenly, six years ago, at a time when I was trying to heal a broken heart, I decided - maybe I'll paint."

The six-minute documentary was uploaded onto Vimeo last month and has already amassed nearly five million views and over 12,000 likes. And that's not the last you will see of Carrey's latest work. Towards the end of September he will be showing off his work at a gallery in Las Vegas.

His show will be called "Sunshower: Another Side of Jim Carrey", and the art will be shown at Signature Galleries on September 23. You can read more about the exhibition on the website.