Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have already started teaching their son about sex

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have already started teaching their son about sex

Parenting is hard enough as it is, but raising your child right in the public eye is an entirely different ordeal. On the one hand, you have plenty of influence and money to ensure that they never have to worry about money, and get the best education that money can buy - but growing up as the son or daughter of a celebrity is a strange experience that can mess with the development of a child.

So, how do you do it right? You know that you whatever you choose to do will be questioned and ridiculed by your fans (and haters), so privacy is a little hard to come by. But being a celebrity in general can lead you down weird paths, from weird fashions to bizarre religions, so their parenting techniques can be a little out there too.

While they definitely have the star power to remain in the spotlight all year round, you would expect certain ideas Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have for raising their son to remain private, but Biel has recently opened up about it to the world.

The couple became an item all the way back in 2007. They got engaged in 2011, married in 2012, and had their son Silas in 2015. Biel recently spoke up about how they intend to deal with the most awkward of topics: sex education.

According to PEOPLE, Jessica explained her theory during the 2018 MAKERS conference in Los Angeles, where she was promoting a sex-ed PSA video she made with Chelsea Handler. She said she wants to be open about sex with her son, even at a young age, which may involve some things that many will disagree with:

“I have a two-year-old, we’re starting [sexual education] now.

We’re using technical terms … we shower together, and [we say], ‘This is what I’ve got. This is what you’ve got.’

We just talk about it. I know it’s really young, but I really believe that if you start this early, there’s no shame. I don’t want to tell him, ‘Keep your private parts,’ and this and that.

It’s a beautiful thing. You have it and mine is different and it’s cool, man. We have to respect ourselves and respect each other. So I believe it starts really young.”

Whether you agree with this open approach, feel it's a bit too early, or think it's plain weird, it's surprising that she chose to share that information with the world. But it's not as surprising when you realise that she is one of the co-founders of the Tryst Network, a "Sex-Positive Resource" website that answers women's questions about sex and relationships.

She also recently released a PSA with Chelsea Handler, which is informative but also pretty damn funny:

It's not just their parenting techniques that they've shared, as Justin Timberlake recently explained how the couple have kept a happy marriage for the last six years.