Kate Hudson said that having a C-section is 'lazy' and the internet dragged her

Of the myriad things on this Earth I could consider to be 'lazy', getting a living child pulled out of my stomach would not be one of them. That sounds pretty hard. The bias against C-sections may arise from the difficulty of giving an ordinary birth, but it is no less taxing to have your belly opened up, I'm sure. Birth is never easy, however you go about it.

As a man, I'll never fully appreciate it - the sensation of living for nine months with a new human growing inside me, only for it to rip and roar its way out finally in the worst pain and most sublime joy of my life. Really, it's the kind of thing that I just can't fathom. But I know better than to consider any method of birth to be any lesser than any other.

Kate Hudson, the famous movie star behind all your favorite rom-coms, had a C-section, but in a joke or an off-color remark, considered it to be a bit 'lazy'. Her choice of words, not ours.

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The controversy has erupted after a Q&A session with Cosmopolitan, wherein she was asked the laziest thing she had ever done. Her reply was a bit off:

The backlash was quite self-explanatory - anyone who has ever had a C-section, or even experienced one second-hand, would understandably feel a bit cold.

Of course, in the informal Cosmopolitan interview format, there's a chance that Hudson's remark was just a joke. But it doesn't really matter, since it hit a nerve anyway. It pressed on a cluster of ideas that bring up a lot of emotions in people. Hudson isn't the first to be dragged, and she won't be the last. It's likely that she'll never address the topic going forward, and just let it blow over in the wind, like every other social media rage train.

Getting dragged is a curious thing - it rarely corrects the behavior that let to the dragging in the first place. Instead, it seems to just create a chip on the shoulder of the person getting dragged. They don't trust the online hordes anymore. And Hudson had a C-section herself, so I doubt she would look down on herself for having one. Most likely, her remark was intended to be half-serious and half-comical. Still, when it comes to online rage, the author is dead. Intention doesn't matter, for better or worse. Saying the wrong thing will put you in online jail for a few days/hours/minutes.

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Whatever Hudson's intentions are, it's safe to say that no woman is weak or lazy for having a C-section. Most of the time it's a medical necessity, and even when it's not, I can't fault someone for just wanting to give birth in a more controlled fashion, to prevent anything from going wrong. Childhood mortality has only drastically dropped in the recent few centuries. I don't blame anyone for not taking chances, and I'm sure Hudson doesn't either.

In the future, I'm sure she'll talk about her C-section in glowing language, consigning her comments here to the dustbin of history, the archaeological wall of plant and skeletal matter, all the forgotten pile-ons of our 21st century growing pains.