Kevin Hart posts hilarious apology for drunken Super Bowl antics on Instagram

Kevin Hart posts hilarious apology for drunken Super Bowl antics on Instagram

Sports events make fans go a little mad. Even when it's the most inconsequential friendly match, those who are dedicated to their teams can go a little overboard. And for those who don't care too much about the result, events like the Super Bowl are a great excuse to eat all the food and consume all the alcohol for one evening, without anyone being too judgmental about it.

Kevin Hart had a lot of reasons to celebrate this week. For one, the man is rich as hell and doing pretty well with his career as a stand-up comedian and a Hollywood actor, which likely gives him plenty of dough to throw around. As well as that, Hart is a life-long supporter of the Philadelphia Eagles, who made history at the Super Bowl last night.

The Eagles beat the New England Patriots 41-33. It was the team's first NFL title since 1960 as well as their first Super Bowl win. So, as you can expect, Eagles fans went a little nuts in celebration.

Seeing as Hart has a little more clout as a celebrity, his drunken antics took him as far as appearing on live TV, when he spoke to the NFL Network during their interview with Eagles defensive tackler, Fletcher Cox.

Slurring his words and admitting to being drunk, Hart said "I hope this is an example of what we can do - we gave a f*ck", at which point he realized his error and fled before he could cause any more chaos.

Hart was also seen on television before this point, although without realizing he had made it onto the live coverage until much later. He was seen trying to make his way to the Vince Lombardi Trophy, which was being escorted to the stage where it would be lifted by the victorious team. Video footage showed him trying and failing to get by a security guard, who wasn't letting anyone through to touch the trophy.

Now it's the following day and the hangover has clearly set in, the comedian posted a video response to the videos making the rounds on his Instagram page. In the video, which is at night time, he is still tipsy, but goes into a hilarious "apology" for his actions, where he admits he was dumb but doesn't care because the Eagles won.

“To all the kids out there, I just wanna say don’t drink. When alcohol is in your system, you do dumb stuff,” Hart said. “Me trying to go onstage with the trophy is definitely in the top two stupid mistakes I’ve ever made, but who cares? The Eagles won the Super Bowl.”

The hashtags on the post are also funny, including the likes of "#iShouldHaveListenedToMyWife", "#AtLeastiDidntPunchaHorse", and "#ImBuyingaEagleWithTheMoneyiWon". Let's see if Hart regrets putting this post up in the future, but in all likelihood, he'll still be flying high on this win.