Kim Kardashian's feminist 'Kimojis' are getting extremely mixed reviews

Kim Kardashian's feminist 'Kimojis' are getting extremely mixed reviews

Today is International Women's Day: a 24 hour period dedicated to celebrating the pioneering and powerful women of history. The day also serves as a reminder of the numerous inequalities that billions of women across the globe still have to deal with.

In light of this, many women have taken to Twitter to express their opinions on feminist progress or lack thereof (and I'm sure a number of men have chimed in with the obligatory "what about International Men's Day?" - which does exist, by the way), while others are just riding on the hashtag to promote something or another.

And depending on your opinion of Kim Kardashian's recent release of her own range of emojis, you could believe that she fits into either one of those categories.

Two days ago, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star tweeted about a new set of "Kimojis". The updated sticker pack included an outline of Kim's nude body with the words "my body my choice" covering any NSFW areas, a "nasty woman" scrawl accompanied by a pair of doodled breasts, and a protest sign which said "grab America back".

However, despite seeming to advocate for women's ownership over their own bodies (an obviously feminist notion), Kim's decision to release the new emojis came under harsh criticism.

"Why @KimKardashian? What have you actually done for women? Why don't you use your publicity for something other than sharing in appropriate [sic] pics of yourself?" wrote one Twitter user.

"In actual honor of women and to spread this good message, you could have and should have offered this one download for free," said another, who was referencing the $2.99 price tag on the new pack. "Feminism is not for sale or your profit."

Meanwhile, others called her out for her apparent inaction when it came to other political movements. "You want to use geo political lingo, then be ready to back it up," wrote one unimpressed follower. "I know u won't respond since u only tweet those who praise u. 1st you have let down your Armenian heritage standing by a person who has denied there ever was an Armenian Genocide."

That same tweeter then included some screengrabs of existing Kimojis - many of which are simply of butts and breasts - to highlight the reality star's hypocrisy.

However, some fans were all over the new emojis.

"Kim Kardashian releasing her own line of feminist emojis is kind of what our country needs right now," said one Twitter user.

"I love the message behind the new Kimoji’s. I’m obsessed with seeing women encourage, support and empower other women. It’s my favorite. We need more of it," wrote another.

Ultimately, it does seem a little questionable for Kim to profit from a movement she claims to support - but you could also argue that she's simply taking advantage of a system that has objectified her for so long. However, if you do want to support International Women's Day in any way, there are probably some better ways of going about it.