Kylie Jenner is reportedly engaged

Kylie Jenner is reportedly engaged

Kylie Jenner has to be the queen of teasing? The 20-year-old reality star, who is also a highly successful makeup entrepreneur, has been teasing a pregnancy for what feels like an eternity now. But not done with just the one rumour, according to Kylie's loyal and often obsessive fan base, the reality star is also engaged.

Kylie has been seen openly flashing a diamond ring on her wedding finger across her social media and it's safe to say that fans have fallen into a frenzy regarding the potential engagement. The younger half sister of Kim Kardashian West flashed her new bit of bling on Snapchat as she made her way over to Kim's baby shower yesterday.

Kylie Jenner flashed Engagement ring Credit: Kylie Jenner Snapchat

In the image, Kylie can bee seen with her hand placed on top of the steering wheel of her Bentley, but fans were only interested in one flashy aspect of the image. Yes, your pink leather steering wheel is nice Kylie, and yes, you are driving a car that most of us will never afford - but what is that on your wedding finger!?

The queen of social media and cosmetic overlord has been dating the rapper Travis Scott for just a few months, but it's believed that the relationship is pretty intense - with there being reports of the couple expecting their first child together.

Jenner, who is usually pretty open on social media, has been a closed book since the pregnancy rumours began. While her Instagram account used to be scattered with scantily-clad images of the Keep Up With The Kardashians star, it now features mainly selfies from the shoulders up, with there being no full body shots at all over the last few months.

Despite not confirming the rumours, Kylie has been happy to continue adding fuel to the social media frenzy. In a recent Instagram story, the star posted a series of different photos which showed and all pink room, including a pink Christmas tree. Understandably, fans thought that this was Jenner's way of making not-so-subtle hints about the sex of the baby, which many fans believe if going to be a girl.

Aside from the provocative posting, Jenner's only official words on the matter were to criticise a newspaper for publishing photos of her that she claimed were photoshopped to reveal a bump.

Credit: Twitter

While the idea of another Kardashian/Jenner makes some people feel a bit nauseous, it could dawn a Kylie-free generation of social media. Speaking about starting a family in 2015, Kylie said: "I would love to have a family and build a home with a farm in Malibu Canyon and just have my kids and throw away my phone, and just really, like, live my life and not do this anymore. You know, I'll probably delete my Instagram and just… I don't know, live life."

They key thing to remember in all of this is that this is the Kardashians we are talking about. Don't be surprised to Jenner confirm the pregnancy and engagement on an episode of KUWTK and then announce her latest line of children's clothing called "Kylie's Kidz" right in time for Christmas.