Logan Paul under fire again for horrific new YouTube video that shows him tasering two dead rats

Logan Paul under fire again for horrific new YouTube video that shows him tasering two dead rats

Just when you thought that Logan Paul may have turned a corner, he goes and does something unbelievably stupid. The YouTuber, who rightly received an immense amount of scorn online after he uploaded a footage of a dead body in Japan's Suicide Forest, has now been filmed tasering two dead rats in a recent video uploaded online.

In the latest video that has been uploaded onto his YouTube channel, Paul can be seen firing the taser at the dead rats after they had been left on the balcony of his mansion in Los Angeles, California. Twitter user Elliott Hackney uploaded the clip onto the social media platform, captioning it: "I'd love to say Logan Paul has changed and learnt to respect dead things since coming back on YouTube. But now he's just tasering them instead."

In the full video, Paul can be seen lifting the corpses using the conductive wire of the taser, before placing them inside of a cardboard box. "No rat comes into my house without getting tased!" the vlogger gleefully exclaims.

Aside from the rats, the latest vlog also shows Logan's dad Greg saying that his son is "totally on board" for fighting fellow YouTuber KSI in an MMA fight. KSI had called out the Paul family after winning a boxing match against vlogger Joe Weller in London last week, saying that he would be happy to fight either one of the brothers.

Unsurprisingly, Paul's latest video did not go down well with some people, with plenty of commenters criticising the 22-year-old for his behaviour as well as calling for KSI to make the fight happen and knock Paul out.

Alongside KSI, another YouTuber has also ripped into Paul for his behaviour since he landed himself in hot water with the public. Fellow vlogger PewDiePie, who has also landed himself in a fair amount of trouble throughout his career, tore into Paul for his public appearances in the wake of the suicide video, calling him dishonest.

PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, accused Paul of trying to appear on a "divine path to redemption" and called him out for using the scandal in order to turn it into personal gain.

"Seeing all this track record of dishonesty and doing literally anything to redeem your brand, I'm going to call that out. It seems just too perfect for me," Kjellberg said.

"Logan Paul should just keep making videos and be honest. That would be my advice, and as long as he's not I'm going to call him out on it."

But despite the majority of people being sick of Paul and his antics, his fans continue to defend the star, saying that they do not understand why everyone hates him so much.

Paul certainly seems to know exactly how to get his name out there and as the saying goes, 'all publicity is good publicity.' Given the amount of attention his vlogs are now getting, don't be surprised to see Logan Paul continue to do stupid things in order to keep people talking about him.