Logan Paul has hired a personal security team to protect him at his $6.5 million home

Logan Paul has hired a personal security team to protect him at his $6.5 million home

Many people didn't even know Logan Paul's name last week, but now many of us are now aware of the YouTube star's massive following online, though not for any good reasons. An avalanche of criticism came his way after he posted a video titled, 'We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest...' - which is about as insensitive a take on the subject matter as it sounds.

The 15-minute video saw Logan and his crew visit Japan's infamous Aokigahara Forest, which has become a site in which many choose to end their lives. The idea of a social media entertainer filming his trip there, before monetizing the video, was never the best approach, but things were taken to a new level when he came across the hanging body of a recent suicide victim, only to then make light of the situation.

As they filmed the unknown man's hanging body, he yelled at him, "Yo, are you alive? Are you f**king with us?"

He received a wide range of responses, from fans blindly supporting him no matter what, to some who were hurt by the way he had been so dismissive in the face of the loss of life. The overwhelming response from outside his fanbase was anger for how he has used his platform, which has a great impact on his young audience, to make light of a serious issue. Some celebrities even voiced their concerns, such as Aaron Paul, Zach Braff, Sophie Turner, and Ariana Grande, who referred to the video as "disgusting".

After he received this much backlash, he released an apology which didn't go down too well either, later stating on Twitter that he was going to stop vlogging for now as he was "taking time to reflect".

On top of this controversy, when people started spreading the clips from the rest of Paul's trip to Japan, they found that the entire thing was problematic for a variety of reasons. Seen mocking the country's culture throughout the videos in an obnoxious way, he drew even further criticism from the world.

This criticism seems to have gotten the best of him, as he has now reportedly increased the security on his home. He already had a security detail for the property, but it seems as if he has added more, with multiple security vehicles being spotted outside his Rancho Estate mansion in the aftermath of the much-maligned video.

The $6.55 million mansion covers one acre, with seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. Although this isn't surprising given the fact that Logan himself is worth a reported $14 million. According to Forbes he makes $150,000 off just one sponsored Facebook post and $80,000 on Instagram. After a brief dip in subscribers following the video, he has actually received an overall increase in followers, no doubt from the added press.

Hopefully he is taking his time away from the camera to actually reflect on the consequences his actions can have, rather than simply waiting for all this to die down.