Macklemore was called out online for having 'Nazi hair'

Macklemore was called out online for having 'Nazi hair'

In 2017, the controversy of the President and his most unseemly supporters (David Duke and Neo-Nazis) has led to a microscopic racial lens hovering above all personality and politics. Now, using black emojis, wearing certain haircuts, and choosing not to Tweet about certain topics is considered complicity with white supremacy.

Macklemore Credit: The Gazette Review

Politics has become almost completely cultural, and Macklemore has always been a casualty in this shadow war taking place on the fields of social media. His 7-minute song White Privilege II was lauded by some as a much-needed white ally standing up for black lives in 2016, and condemned by others as a self-important grab for attention with no consequence upon actual racism.

Macklemore also involved himself in the cultural conversation around race when he won the Grammy for best rap album over Kendrick Lamar in 2014, and publicly announced that he did not deserve the award.

Now, he's in the thick of it again, but for a more comical reason than ever. What, exactly, does 'Nazi hair' look like?

Comedian and frequent-Twitter-user Jon Hendren, or @fart, posted a satirical Tweet calling for Macklemore to change his hairstyle. The reason? It was the same hairstyle being worn today by Richard Spencer and numerous other white supremacists.

This would've been just a good joke and nothing more... if, hilariously enough, Macklemore didn't actually jump online and defend himself:

Now, why did Macklemore respond seriously to this joke? Because he probably thought it was serious. Macklemore is a really straight-forward and earnest guy, and without an ironic sense of humor, probably thought that he was a few hours away from finding himself mercilessly dragged across the entire Twitter timeline for having Richard Spencer's haircut.

The conversation around cultural appropriation probably made Macklemore take this joke so seriously. After all, a white person wearing dreadlocks is considered by many to be stealing style from African people while baring none of the consequences of being African.

What do you think? Was Macklemore right to come out and explain that his haircut has since changed, or is Macklemore just being as white as possible by fearing his haircut could actually make him comparable to Richard Spencer?

Nazi hair, apparently, is the small glob of hair atop the head swept the side that Macklemore has sported for most of his career. You can see it here:

macklemore face Credit: Haircuts for Men

Macklemore's not the only white rapper to encounter controversy for his foray into the conversation around race in America. Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, who has at this point has lost her career, caught heat after her debut for lyrics comparing herself to a 'runaway slave master'.

Macklemore's intentions, for all his faults, are clearly much better than Azalea's. He is also apparently working on a new album, without his long-time collaborator Ryan Lewis. I think the takeaway from all this is not to take social media so seriously. The fear of being dragged, FOBD, may be too all-consuming in media culture today.