Madonna’s daughter's armpit hair is on full display and Twitter is responding

Madonna’s daughter's armpit hair is on full display and Twitter is responding

Before Rihanna,  Beyonce and Britney, there was Madonna. The Queen of Pop ruled the male-dominated music scene in the 1980's, pushing the limits of what a female artist could accomplish. While often sparking controversy for her overt sexuality, singles such as Like a Prayer, Vogue and Papa Don't Preach dominated the charts. What's more, Madge constantly reinvented herself, sporting a new iconic look for each album. Fans scrambled to mimic her fashion, which included colorful bracelets, crucifix necklaces, fingerless gloves, lacy lingerie and pointy cone bras. (But alas, no meat dresses.)

Well, get ready to feel old, 80's babies, because Madonna is currently 59, and her daughter, Lourdes, is 21. Time catches up to us all. The Material Girl might no longer be the Queen of Pop, but she still drops an album every three years, and her influence shines bright in today's pop stars. But perhaps her influence shines most brightly in her daughter, Lourdes. In a recent photo published on Instagram, Lourdes proves to be her mother's daughter, sharing Madge's penchant for challenging the norms of femininity.

Like the rest of us, Madonna celebrated New Year's Eve, and shared several adorable photos with her 10.6 million Instagram followers. However, one seemingly innocuous picture has sparked some heated reactions. In the photo, Madonna and Lourds pose together, sporting matching bright red lipstick. Madge seems to be channeling one of her 80's looks, wearing a sheer black dress, and one fishnet glove, with a variety of bracelets. Meanwhile, Lourdes grins from ear to ear, reaching up to embrace her mom, revealing two armpits full of thick brown hair. Madonna was a Material Girl, but Lourdes is All Natural.

This caused quite a debate on social media, since it's become customary in our culture for women to shave their armpits (and legs, and face and bikini area). Whenever a female celebrity makes the personal choice not to shave, they face a ridiculous backlash. People - well, I'm guessing mostly dudes - claimed to be disgusted by Lourdes' photo, because ladies with armpit hair is, like, totally gross. I mean, can you imagine anything more nauseating than a couple inches of body hair? What is this, the 70's? She looks like a monster! It should be illegal!

Thankfully, the haters, trollers and naysayers were greatly outnumbered. Fans rallied to support Lourdes' right to be hairy, and posted strong statements of support. After all, iff a woman chooses not to shave her pits, that's her personal choice, and who are you to judge her? Maybe it's time to revaluate our standards for beauty - or as one Twitter user put it, "Thanks Lourdes for throwing up a middle finger to societal norms for female beauty and sexuality. A rare trait for your generation. You've inherited your Mother's genes."

So far, Madge and her daughter haven't responded to the backlash, but all the positive comments have to be encouraging. Perhaps Lourdes will double down on the first pic, and show off a picture with hairy legs or a charming handlebar mustache. Or perhaps she will be like her mom, and start a new trend, with young women throwing away their Bics, and brazenly showing off hairy pits. Also, if guys are really this grossed out, maybe not shaving your armpits this could be a way to combat catcalling. Just an idea.