McGregor racks up $100,000 on an afterparty bar tab

McGregor racks up $100,000 on an afterparty bar tab

For a non-boxer, holding your own in the ring for 10 rounds with a man who went 50-0 for his career is pretty crazy. However, McGregor really only landed a handful of goods hits on Mayweather. It seems that Floyd took some time to feel out McGregor, tire him out, and then he went into his compact-and-low stance, where he became an unstoppable fortress of a fighter. McGregor never really had a shot, other than surprise knockout.

So then, after having the snot punched out of you, and receiving a check for tens of millions of dollars, what would you do? Drink, of course!

mcgregor 100,000 bar tab whisky Irish Credit: Getty

At the Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas, McGregor was having a great time with fans. He shelled out the aforementioned $100,000 for a ton of drinks for a ton of happy fans, partying at the DJ table and posing for a lot of photos. You've gotta hand it to the guy - having the energy to go out and drink after a big fight is pretty cool.

It's always been McGregor's personality that drove his brand. The outspoken Irishman was the underdog in this fight, and tons of bookies placed their bets on his fists. He was able to keep up, but he could never keep the upper hand. The strict rules of boxing got him constantly penalized for throwing 'hammerfists' to the back of Mayweather's neck, and every time he got him in a good hold, they were getting separated.

However, McGregor had a lot more alcohol-related news to reveal after the fight.

mcgregor whisky Credit: Getty

McGregor is going to release a brand of Irish whiskey, which will be a major business endeavor for McGregor Sports and Entertainment, backed by Monster Energy and Beats by Dre.

At the post-fight press conference, McGregor was brandishing a bottle and boasting, a classic position for him to be in.

"Oh, that whiskey tastes so good...Notorious Irish whiskey coming soon. I'm going to take over the Irish whiskey market, and this is delicious. So keep an eye out for it."

Notorious Irish, eh? Well, maybe he should send Mayweather a few bottles if he really wants that rematch. Though if I were Floyd, I'd retire now and forever with that flawless 50-0.

mcgregor bar tab whisky Credit: Getty

McGregor was reportedly a couple drinks deep after the fight, so he got refreshingly honest:

“It was a good fight. I thought I smoked him in the early rounds...but I tell you what [to Mayweather], you are one composed individual. You didn’t get rattled. You tucked in when you needed to tuck in. I thought you changed your game plan three times. Came out looking to box — I thought you were being outboxed early on. You looked to play against the ropes, you were getting picked off there. And then you came in hands up to your forehead, head dipped in on your chest and you fought that kind of fight. I didn’t anticipate that. Three game plan changes in the fight. That’s what a true champion does. Much respect. You came with it. I got to give respect to that.”

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