Mia Khalifa and Britt McHenry get into savage Twitter beef over net neutrality

Mia Khalifa and Britt McHenry get into savage Twitter beef over net neutrality

Yesterday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to repeal net neutrality. The Obama era regulation ensured that internet websites and services were treated equally by internet service providers. As such, it's understandable that the highly controversial decision garnered many emotional responses from online businesses and social media users across the United States and beyond.

And veritable social media stars certainly had a lot to say on the matter. One such celebrity was former porn-star, Mia Khalifa, who took to Twitter to blast the FCC's anti-net neutrality chairman, Ajit Pai, following the contentious decision.

In a rather strongly worded tweet, the 24-year-old addressed the issue by saying, "Kill yourself, @AjitPaiFCC. Before someone trying to run a dungeon on WoW and can’t access their server does it for you."

She followed this up with another tweet which read, "Every bartender in DC gonna have a secret menu for when @AjitPaiFCC walks in from now on".

The social media personality's tweets quickly caught the attention of the conservative, former ESPN side-line reporter, Britt McHenry, who clearly disagreed with Khalifa's controversial stance on the divisive topic.

Hitting back at the ex-adult entertainer by implying that people had much more to worry about, McHenry tweeted, "All that is going on in the world—military deployed oversees [sic], North Korea threats, tax-reform challenges—more people are outraged they may have to pay a little more for free market options on the Internet. Give me a break."

Khalifa quickly retaliated, writing "Wow Britt. Net neutrality is the reason you can pay for a towed car online and avoid dealing with employees altogether".

Britt McHenry had clearly had enough by this point, as in a now-deleted Twitter post she asserted, "Net neutrality repeal might make your disgusting adult videos a little harder to access..."

Khalifa then called out the reporter for slut-shaming, writing "Slut shaming a fellow female? Nice. I’d rather be a pervert than a bigot".

Mia Khalifa's loyal band of followers were certainly there to support her. One Twitter user wrote, "did she admit to seeing your videos? congrats", while another hit back at Britt McHenry, saying "why do you think you have a job right now? Hint- it's not your sparkling personality"

Another user of the social media platform added, "Also, McHenry basically acknowledges #NetNeutrality repeal will mean corporate censorship. Brilliant."
Well, it's certainly evident who won this interchange. As of right now, however, we will just have to wait and see how the FCC's decision to repeal net neutrality will pan out. With the number of people who are up in arms about the decision (with Mia Khalifa clearly leading the way), it doesn't look like the FCC is going to have an easy time limiting our freedom on the internet.

It's not the first high-profile spat that Khalifa has had one social media, the former adult actress also labelled Ronda Rousey "embarrassing" and got savaged by a WWE star. She certainly knows how to cause a stir, I'll give her that.