Michael Jackson wanted the role of Spider-Man so badly that he almost bought Marvel

Michael Jackson wanted the role of Spider-Man so badly that he almost bought Marvel

It's inevitable; the stars of the musical world and conversely the silver screen will, at one point or the other, hang up their microphones and put down their scripts in an attempt to experience the other kind of fame. Certainly, some of the most iconic pop-culture icons have taken a walk on the wild(er) side, so to speak. Madonna has starred in a number of motion pictures, Cher is known for appearing alongside a young Winona Ryder in Mermaids and of course, Mariah Carey was in 2009's Precious.

One musician you may not place in the same category is Michael Jackson. However, it appears that he too tried his hand at the Hollywood game, and he purportedly had his heart set on the Marvel franchise, no less.

While Stan Lee revealed that the late Michael Jackson once wanted to star in his own Spider-Man movie just after the singer passed away, it appears that this bizarre piece of news has managed to evade the limelight until now. In fact, it appears that Jackson was even willing to buy Marvel in order to see his dream pan out.

Lee reportedly opened up about Jackson's ambitions at San Diego's 2009 Comic-Con. He had just come from visiting the Bad singer's Neverland Ranch where Jackson had told him that "he wanted to do Spider-Man". "I'm not sure whether he just wanted to produce it," Lee stated, "or wanted to play the role. Our conversation never got that far along."

As Lee explains during the brief video interview, he suspects that Jackson would have taken the role if it were offered to him. But the revelations don't just stop there. No, Lee also elaborated on how into the idea Jackson really was. According to the American comic-book writer, he and Jackson once planned to pool their resources and buy Marvel, reportedly "meeting a number of times" to discuss the notion. "In fact, he [Jackson] came to my house once with his son, and I remember my wife took care of his son for about an hour while Michael and I were talking," Lee added.

Stan Lee Credit: Getty

The musician wasn't just partial to Spider-Man, however. In early 2017, the screenwriter of X-Men, David Hayter, told The Hollywood Reporter that Michael Jackson sat in during the casting of Professor X - the role which eventually went to Patrick Stewart. And on the experience, Hayter only had three words, "It was amazing", he asserted.

 While you and I wouldn't peg the late, great King of Pop as a particularly convincing Spider-Man, who knows, he could have surprised us all. I mean, no one thought that Madonna would win a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in 1996's Evita.

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