Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino from 'Jersey Shore' is facing 15 years in prison

Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino from 'Jersey Shore' is facing 15 years in prison

I don't know much about Jersey Shore, but I do know that there was genuinely a man who called himself 'The Situation'. How do I know this? Because I used it as my wrestler name. That's right, this is genuinely Jake 'The Situation' Taylor.

However, while my wrestling career is safely confined to the Ps4 in my bedroom, Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino achieved much more success through his use of our moniker. Describing his use of the nickname, Mike said that he adopted it due to how ripped he is:

"My abs are so ripped up it's called 'the situation'," he said.

"I walked by a girl with her boyfriend. She's holding her boyfriend's hand and as she walks by me ... she's like, 'Oh my God, honey! Look at his abs!' And my boys are like, 'Dude, that's a situation right there,'" Sorrentino explained on Live With Regis and Kelly.

However, Mike has now landed himself in a bit of a sticky 'situation' with the law. Sorrentino may be about to spend 15 years behind bars for tax avoidance. Both he and his brother have pleaded guilty to withholding a bucket load of cash from the IRS.

It's reported that between the years of 2010 -2012, Mike pocketed himself $8.9 million for coming up with deeply insightful quotes, such as: "We got a situation" and "Back in the day, they had the prophecy: That one day there would be a pimp of all pimps, and his name would be The Situation."

But while Mike may have loved himself, he didn't have the same compassion for paying his taxes. According to reports, the government are charging the Sorrentinos with coming up with an incredibly complex scheme in order to swerve paying what they owe. It's believed that they fluffed business expenses and used the extra money to buy supercars and designer clothing. They also had multiple bank accounts which they used to move money around and hide from the taxman.

Speaking about the court case last year, Mike said:

"Obviously these certain circumstances that are going on right now aren’t the best, but I’m just living the simple life — I have a girlfriend, I’ve been clean and sober over a year and a half, I go to meetings, I take care of my body and I’m just kind of enjoying the next chapter of my life.”

“I have a court case that’s in the media, and if I’m not healthy mentally and physically, I’m not going to make it to the end. If I was to be negative about it and be all stressed out and possibly take a substance to relieve my stress — I tried that two years ago, and it just makes things worse. I made that mistake already”

"Now I just try to live a positive life and be healthy and happy, and I value my peace today. I don’t want anything to take away from my peace.”

While it may be hard to believe that a man who used to deliver such gems like "everybody loves me – babies, dogs, ya know, hot girls, cougars. I just have unbelievable mass appeal," managed to create a complex financial scheme whereby he avoided the government, it turns out Mike may be a bit savvier than we thought.