Millie Bobby Brown shares text conversation with Ariana Grande before the Golden Globes

Millie Bobby Brown shares text conversation with Ariana Grande before the Golden Globes

Hollywood is full of surprising friendships, from Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg to Gwyneth Paltrow and Jay-Z to Meryl Streep and Cardi B. Okay, I made that last one up, but you wouldn't be surprised, would you? I imagine Hollywood is kind of like high school, where celebrities keep seeing each other over and over again at the same events. They might do very different things - acting, rapping, hosting - but since they're all rich and famous, pretty much anyone could be BFF's. (Although I'm sure everyone's unfriended Harvey Weinstein on Facebook by now.)

Well, now we know about one more celebrity friendship: Millie Bobby Brown and Ariana Grande. On Stranger Things, Millie steals the show as the telepathic tomboy warrior Eleven. And the 13-year-old actress stole the show at the Golden Globes as well, rocking a chic black dress with a voluminous neckline. (Almost every actress at the event wore black to support #TimesUp, an initiative to combat sexual harassment and systemic sexism in the workplace.) Luckily, Millie didn't have to use her psychokinetic powers, because a nosebleed would have totally ruined her glamorous red carpet look.

Millie Bobby Brown Credit: Getty

Viewers thought Millie "slayed" - or at the very least, looked a lot better than that punk makeover her Stranger Things character got in Chicago on that polarizing episode. (Hey, I liked it!)

But the best compliment came via text message from pop star Ariana Grande. We all know how good it feels to get a compliment on an outfit. For example, I have a Los Pollos Hermanos T-shirt, and whenever I go out in public, I get high fives from Breaking Bad fans. Well, just imagine how great it would feel to get a complimentary text message from Ariana Grande. I mean, Millie's Golden Globes gown is no Los Pollos Hermanos T-shirt, but it's still pretty nice.


"I mean, Jesus, that's unbelievable," gushed Ariana. "Wowowowowowwo, sooooooo fly. And like yes to the back. Proud, gorgeous, stunning, bye." Pretty sweet interaction, right? The only way Ariana could have possibly liked Millie's outfit more, is if she were wearing cat ears. (Ariana loves cat ears for some reason.) Meanwhile, Millie showed love back to the 24-year-old singer, writing over her text message "love her so much." These two are now officially BFF's, and their friendship puts all of your friendships to shame. You wish your friends loved you like Ariana Grande and Millie Bobby Brown love each other! But they never will! Never!

After a year of hearing so many nasty stories about Hollywood, it's nice to finally hear some wholesome news. Hopefully next we'll hear about Meryl Streep and Cardi B becoming BFF's. Meryl will walk the red carpet in dazzling gown, and Cardi will send her a text message, praising her "bloody shoes" and how she doesn't have to dance, she "makes money move." Hey, it could happen.