Millie Bobby Brown trolls Drake with hilarious Golden Globes Instagram caption

Millie Bobby Brown trolls Drake with hilarious Golden Globes Instagram caption

Millie Bobby Brown appears to be living the best life. The 13-year-old actress (yes, 13!) is the star of one of the most highly regarded TV shows of the past 10 years and seemingly has the world in the palm of her hand. Not only this, but it appears that Millie only keeps the best company, with the Stranger Things star regularly being photographed with some of the most influential figures in the world of showbiz.

Given that she is so young, it would seem easy for Brown to become overawed by her fame and rumoured-fortune. However, the Brit seems to have her feet firmly on the ground and her head screwed on and looks destined for a career at the very elite of Hollywood.

One part of Brown's life that has been in the public eye recently is her friendship with the rapper Drake. Brown and Drake met each other last month after a gig by the artist in Toronto. What followed was a photo shoot of epic proportions, with the dynamic duo striking various different poses. Of course, given the popularity of both the stars and the fact that the pictures were as incredible as they were adorable, they quickly went viral on Instagram; receiving over 5.5 million likes between them.

While it may have seemed like a gimmick at the time, it looks like the pair really are good friends in real life. Brown reappeared on her Instagram yesterday to upload an image from a Golden Globes after party. In the shot from the Netflix party, Brown is once again pictured side-by-side with her new BFF.

Captioning the image, "blessed to have my security be my +1 at the netflix party", Brown looks more than chuffed to be in the company of the "One Dance" hitmaker, who is giving a sultry look the camera. You can see what she's getting at with the "security remark" with Drake looking absolutely massive compared to the child star.

The rapper appears to be keen to re-enter the world of acting. Just last year, it was announced that he had bought the rights to the gritty UK drama Top Boy. According to reports, the Toronto native is also set to star in the show, alongside various other rappers from Britain. It won't be the first time that Drake has starred in a TV programme, with him actually carving his teeth in the world of showbiz on the Canadian TV show 'Degrassi: Next Generation.'

Hopefully, given her standing in the show, Millie might be able to convince the producers of Stranger Things to take a chance on Drake and rope him in for series three. I mean, who wouldn't love to see Drake heading into the upside down and taking on a Demogorgon? Seeing as he is the literal definition of a human meme, it would undoubtedly provide a shedload of entertainment.

While Drake hasn't joint the cast of Stranger Things just yet, we can still get major friend-envy and the blossoming friendship between him and Eleven. Let's just hope it transfers from real life onto the screen.