Millie Bobby Brown's response to a gift from Kim Kardashian is all sorts of adorable

Millie Bobby Brown's response to a gift from Kim Kardashian is all sorts of adorable

Millie Bobby Brown's only 13 years old, but she's already living the best life. We all know her as telekinetic badass Eleven on Stranger Things, and now she's become pretty popular in Hollywood. At the Golden Globe Awards, she shared a photo with Drake (whom she dubbed "her security") and she got a text message from Ariana Grande complimenting her gown. (When I was 13, my friends were slightly less cool than Drake and Ariana Grande. Just slightly.)

But now the demigorgon slayer has a celebrity BFF you might not expect: Kim Kardashian. It all started with an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Millie admitted that she was a huge fan of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and couldn't stop watching it while filming her show. Kim, Khloe and "Mom-ager" Kris Jenner quickly responded on Twitter, saying that the love was mutual. Just like that, a friendship blossomed.

When Millie saw the Kardashians' Tweets, she freaked out, and couldn't wait to respond. "BEST DAY EVER!" she declared. "Life complete." (Who knew kids were such big fans of the Kardashians' reality show?)

Now it looks like their unlikely friendship is still going strong. Recently Kim announced three new "KIMOJI" Heart Fragrances: "BAE," "BFF" and "Ride or Die." On Snapchat, she said she would send sample bottles of perfume to all her lovers and haters in celebration of Valentine's Day. This includes Millie Bobby Brown - and don't worry, she wasn't on the "Haters" list with Taylor Swift, Blac Chyna and Wendy Williams.

On Twitter, Millie shared a photo of her gift: all three fragrances of perfume, some beauty products and a handwritten note. The letter reads, "Millie - I wanted to send you my new perfume and makeup. I hope you like it! XO - Kim." Millie posted the adorable response: "Thank you @KimKardashian for my amazing gifts! You’re the best. My Valentines Day came early. #freakingout." And Kim replied to that with a series of heart emojis. You Kim Kardashian haters better watch out - now Eleven's in her korner.

The Twitter-verse found the interaction heartwarming. Fans said they were jealous of Kim and Millie's budding friendship, and wished they were that cool at 13 years old.

It's nice the responses have been so positive. Recently it was reported that Millie landed a boyfriend: 15-year-old YouTube singing sensation Jacob Sartorius. Her fans freaked out on social media, expressing concern that Jacob isn't good enough for her. Maybe those same overprotective fans don't approve of Kim - after all, Kim Kardashian has a pretty long list of "haters." But hey, let Millie do Millie. She's 13, and living the dream.

Maybe this friendship will lead to a cameo on Stranger Things. On their next trip to the Upside Down, Eleven, Mike the gang might discover creatures more terrifying the demigorgon and the mind flayer: The Kardashians.