Nate Diaz wants at least $20 million to fight Conor McGregor

Nate Diaz wants at least $20 million to fight Conor McGregor

Sustained rivalries between two famous fighters in mixed martial arts are huge crowdpleasers, especially between two extremely skilled opponents in the same weight class. Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz have each defeated one another, so their rivalry record is tied at 1-1. Neither can claim that they've truly beaten the other - at the moment it's even footing.

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So, both McGregor and Diaz want a trilogy - one final fight. McGregor has already requested that Nate come down to 155 lbs, the weight that McGregor currently is at. It's only fair, right? Weight classes are so decisive that a giant fighter against a small one is just not rational. Human beings are muscle machines, when it comes down to brawling.

But Nate Diaz has one more request, on a different matter entirely. As the less famous fighter in this McGregor bout, he's been drawing the short end of the stick in terms of payment. Mayweather and McGregor may have recently pulled $100 million for their fight, but Nate Diaz, despite taking McGregor down in the past, isn't pulling those figures.

Richard Perez, coach in the Diaz camp, wants 'ten times more' than the usual payout of 2.6 million. When asked how much he wants for Diaz, he quickly said:

"At least $20 million, $30 million. Come on, UFC’s making a whole lot of money. They’re giving more to McGregor, so it’s not fair because it takes two in that ring to draw a crowd – I mean, good two fighters."


"It’s just like Mayweather when he fought Berto, it was not even sold out at all. It was embarrassing. It’s because that guy couldn’t draw a crowd.

"See, that’s what I’m saying, it’s the fighters that draw the crowd, and Nathan and McGregor, third one would be outstanding. Everyone knows that. So he needs to get paid at least $30 million, easy."

Perez makes a good argument. Now that McGregor has fought Mayweather, the overall spotlight cast on UFC will increase a lot. A ton of new eyes are paying attention to the fighting world, and may be drawn in by not only McGregor, but the man who once defeated him.

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Perez, of course, is confident that Diaz can take him down again.

"If Nathan goes through training camp with no injuries, McGregor’s not gonna have a chance, I’ll tell you that right now.

"If you watch some of the fights, like when Nathan fought ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone and some other guys, he was in tip-top shape, he wasn’t injured or anything, he went out there and did it, he boxed them. And when he’s in tip-top shape, he can box. I mean, they think McGregor can box, Nathan can box."

Diaz has a slightly longer reach, and is better on the ground. When he beat McGregor, that's how he did it - he got him to the ground, and the chokehold was too much to handle. McGregor had to tap out, or face certain destruction.

It'll probably be a better fight than Mayweather vs. McGregor, too. The rules of MMA are much looser than boxing. The kicking, ground-game and less bouncy gloves amount to more blood, more carnage, and more ruthless outcomes. I mean, hey, if they're gonna fight, might as well go all out.

After experiencing boxing, I'm sure McGregor feels the same way. Let's hope that Dana White cuts the check - Diaz deserves his due.